Roseanne Gets Incredible News A Week After Show Was Canceled – Dems Furious!

The past week has been a wild ride for Roseanne Barr and America in general. She created a fiery whirlwind of individuals being mad on social websites that’s still raging.

Roseanne was fired for a tweet she left against Valerie Jarrett that is considered racist. ABC revived her by the end of the day, even though Barr apologized and begged they never cancel her show.

A massive boycott of ABC is now underway and over 100,000 individuals have signed a request for another network to pick up her show.

The request was posted with an initial goal of 50,000 signatures, but in just over two days, they more than doubled that amount. In fact, they’re closing in on 110,000 signatures as I write this.

Taking into consideration the firestorm others have established out there with vile tweets like Joy Reid and Samantha Bee, it isn’t far-fetched to believe that some other community like Fox would select the show up. It broke all the documents for viewership and are a money maker. But so far, none have suggested it.

If ABC doesn’t need to have the show in one form or another, then another network needs to, because Roseanne’s viewer is still yelling for more. It appeals to the frequent man and was one of the few on tv that Americans can actually relate to anymore.

The show was overly conservative for the network despite the fact that it was their second most important attraction. But after fans overwhelmingly demanded it’s brought back, Fox stepped up and the series will once again be a massive hit and an even bigger money maker. One wonders if Fox is enticed by Roseanne too.

You don’t have to condone what Roseanne stated to watch the show or to see it for the hit it is. Maybe Roseanne ought to be given the same grace. Americans are disgusted by the double standard they see playing with these TV characters.

The One Difference Between Roseanne and Reid and Bee, is Roseanne went after Obama’s consigliere Valerie Jarrett. Reid went after several on both sides and Bee went after Ivanka and President Trump. The message being sent is that it’s okay to savage people on either side, but not the other.

It had been pointed out:”We’re not necessarily defending Roseanne’s comments, but we ARE pointing out a disgusting double standard.

ABC allows the ladies of’The View’ to phone Christians”mentally ill”, however they fired Roseanne in the first sign of controversy. Additionally, but ABC additionally uses Jimmy Kimmel, who openly mocks our First Lady’s accent. Somehow, the liberals on the community never suffer the impacts, but CONSERVATIVES DO (Watch, Tim Allen).”

But she has a job. Joy Reid cried over and over today, yet she has a show at MSNBC. If ABC wants to perpetrate press s*****e let thembut the witch hunt over free speech needs to end. You don’t need to like what someone says. But if they get it done on their own time, they should find a warning, not tanked because of it. Unless they really aren’t sorry and will only do it again like Samantha Bee does.

Immediately after agreeing to Ivanka, she moved into an awards ceremony honoring her said that one word shouldn’t make everyone freak out. The topic has been Trump and illegal immigration and that’s what should be concentrated on. Sorry, but not sorry was that the message there.

Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC may not last as old hateful blog posts only keep on surfacing. At first she said she had been hacked and if that did not work she sort of admitted doing them.

But even MSNBC has limits on all this bad publicity. In terms of Samantha Bee, she may get sacked for her evaluations and not her lousy language. Her viewership over the previous year has cratered. I really think she thought going following Ivanka this way would get her attention. It did, not the sort she wanted.

If only 1 request in a few days can get over 100,000 signatures to deliver Roseanne back, and then I’ll wager you some network out there’s considering it.
Nicole Caleo Widman:”Why does not abc cancel the opinion they insult trump and others daily.”

One little truthful tweet about VJ and all hell breaks loose, no justice.”

Teresa Wilson Lewis: “I dont like what she said but you can find other people who should be kicked off ABC too. The View for one.

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  1. A BC needs to rethink their process. They allow ‘The View’ tone on everyday with all the hateful things that Joy and Whoopi say and people still watch the trashy show ? I think it will go down it’s ugly and hateful. And what ABC did to Roseanne should not be allowed to happen. Obvioulsly ABC doesn’t care what the people want to hear and watch. We’re tired of the media trying to control out viewing. I hardly watch TV anymore FOX news is my channel now.

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