Harry Shattered As Meghan’s ‘True Colors’ Start To Show 2 Weeks After Wedding

It’s now been two weeks since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot at St. George’s Chapel in front of a congregation of 600 guests.

With Meghan settling to her posh new life, it seems that her”true colors” are starting to show, and Harry has been shattered by the realization that his blushing bride is not quite as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle declared their engagement ahead of the holiday season of 2017, the public began to express their worries that maybe the American actress wasn’t quite who Harry thought her to become.

After all, she had been married and divorced once before, with left her first husband once the relationship was no more convenient or beneficial to her.

There were also concerns surrounding Meghan’s extremely liberal political views. Members of the Royal Family are banned from pushing a political agenda, yet Meghan was a bonafide feminist activist when she met Harry.

This was not exactly great news for Britain, particularly as tensions between the British government and President Donald Trump were large. Meghan, one of Trump’s fiercest critics, certainly wasn’t going to help the circumstance.

The”Suits” celebrity was increased in a broken home; she didn’t have anything close to the”breeding” the Royal Family typically looks to get a new penis. She is no Kate Middleton.

Together with Meghan Markle’s parents being divorced, and together with the celebrity having already been through one failed marriage of her own, it is statistically much more likely that her marriage to Harry will fail than it is the marriage will flourish.

RadarOnline reports,”After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is presently a strong figure with a voice that can draw the world’s attention to some humanitarian or charitable cause she chooses, but many in Meghan’s family are not so lucky!” Apparently, Meghan’s mother, in particular, is having a very difficult time adjusting to how her life won’t ever be the exact same today that her daughter is royalty.

61-year-old Doria Ragland is “miserable” after being”silenced” from the Royal Family, according to a source close to the new Duchess of Sussex. “Doria can’t eat, talk or otherwise open her mouth around Meghan unless she accomplishes it together with the Royal family,” explained the origin. “They have silenced her and made her sign a non-disclosure agreement”

Some reluctantly tried getting her to give them details about the lavish ceremony, since they were eager to know more about Meghan’s special afternoon, but it was to no avail. Sadly, Doria was banned from telling her closest girlfriends on her own daughter’s wedding.

“Her friends are asking how the marriage has been, how the food was, asking how joyful Meghan is and all Doria did was shrug her shoulders,” said the source. “She did not mention a word. It is so sad. The poor lady feels and looks miserable.”

There has been lots of misery felt by both of Meghan’s parents lately. Just days before the marriage, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle contacted her at least two different occasions asking for monetary help. It’s been reported that Thomas Markle is currently living in a dilapidated shack in Mexico where he resides on cheap tacos as well as cheaper beer.

Mr. Markle desperately needs financial assistance, and his daughter is surely in a position to give it to him. No expense was spared Meghan’s schooling, and it’s mainly because of the that she went on to marry a prince.

Apparently, she doesn’t see fit to return to the guy who’s given her . When Thomas Markle begged his daughter for cash — something which must have been humiliating for him, to begin with — his cherished daughter closed him down coldly. “Meghan refused,” another source told Radar. “She did not give a reason as to why not, she just said no”

Anyone with children can relate to how crushed Meghan’s parents must be right today. One of them isn’t even allowed to discuss her only daughter and the other was coldly turned off in his moment of need. This lady’s”true colors” appear to be as dreadful as we suspected all along.

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  1. Love is blind. Could not see the agent of Satan he married. God forbid any of his Godly people to marry any ungodly people in the Old Testament. There is a reason for that.

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