Melania’s Close Friends Are Worried For Her After What They’ve Just Found Out

48-year-old Melania Trump’s dearest friends are concerned after what they are finding out about her. Melania had surgery on her kidney, stayed in the hospital for some time, then returned home.

However, that was the last time anyone outside of the White House has witnessed her. Some of her friends outside of the White House might be wondering why she hasn’t been seen for three or more weeks. It’s like she is a ghost and nobody knows what she is up to.

Some folks are worried about her, but she’s probably just recovering and working on jobs the First Lady is accountable for. She does not owe the public anything, nor does she have to see with the mainstream press or paparazzi. She is allowed to prevent them if she wishes. Her friends might be worrying because it isn’t something they are used to.

Even though the First Lady seemingly took to Twitter to reveal that she had been resting at the White House, a lot of men and women are worried that there’s much more to the story than has been told. “nobody has learned from Melania over these past few weeks, along with her cell phone was switched off.

Whenever any friends enquire as to where she is, or she is, we are just told that she is’fine’ and that she’s’recovering’ but really doesn’t make any sense.

Nobody believes that Melania wrote that past tweet, everybody thinks that has been composed by Donald [Trump], since it did not read at the way that Melania writes.To have radio jumps for this long is just strange, something is going on, but nobody knows what, it’s certainly concerning.”

Without warning, it was announced that she had been undergoing kidney surgery on May 14 and since even before the operation (May 10), she has not made any appearances either independently or with the Donald.

Although she might very well be recovering from the surgery, many find it odd that there is no indication from anyone that she is at the White House like the tweet maintained and Naturally, there has been a ton of theories to go along with the Circumstance, including one that claims she may have transferred from Washington D.C.”

Meanwhile, Mirror wrote this:

“It has been 23 days since Melania Trump was seen in people and people are getting worried. On May 14th Mrs Trump had surgery to get a”benign kidney condition” and has not been observed in the three weeks since.

And it gets weirder.

The President pointed to a window at the White House residence, saying:”She’s doing great. She is looking at us .”

But when reporters turned to look, she was not there. There was no indication of her.

And then there’s THAT tweet. The First Lady — or at least someone using her Twitter accounts — posted a message on Friday.

It read:”I see the media is working overtime speculating where I am & what I’m doing.

While it’s entirely possible that the message is real and she is really just working too hard to appear in people, there’s something that sticks out as being very unusual.

It’s the first time the First Lady has used that phrase, in her tweets at least.”

I guess that is our answer. Melania is recovering and functioning.

Trump loves the press and free press coverage, so if there was something happening with Melania, then he’d likely say it and observe the people turn it into something controversial.

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  1. old news. Shes been seen out. surgery was long and cant fly for a month. people love to start fake rumors

  2. I Truly believe it is time to show Melania that she is loved and that we care very much about her, Get well Pretty Lady and come back to us.

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