SWAT Swarms David Hogg’s House In Florida — Wishes He Had A Gun Now!

David Hogg has become a vocal advocate for gun control ever since he survived the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

David Hogg was the victim of a so-called”swatting” prank Tuesday when a hoax 911 call saying he had been kidnapped sent a team of heavily armed police officers into his house. The teen activist is currently in Washington, D.C.

“The telephone was seeing someone in the house using a weapon,” said Gina Carter, a BSO spokesperson. “We reacted to the home and cleared the property. It was established that the call was a hoax and detectives are investigating to attempt and learn who made the telephone.”

They made contact with the Hogg family, who had been in Washington DC, to make sure they were safe.

Two elementary schools in Parkland were put on a temporary lockdown. Hogg, 18, has become a vocal advocate for gun law reform because the 14 February shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school where 14 students and three teachers were murdered. He has frequently found himself the target of abuse.

Last month a Florida police officer had been suspended for a Facebook post where he suggested Hogg should be conducted over in a demonstration against a grocery chain that contributed to some pro-National Rifle Association politician.

For his part, Hogg described Tuesday’s episode as”a ridiculous prank.” He advised CBS Miami,”It is an attempt to attempt to divert us from what we’re attempting to do, which is solve the gun violence epidemic and receive youth out to vote.” Hogg stated he had no idea who would have been supporting the telephone.

The adolescent activist may want to start carrying this incident more seriously, though. It might have just as easily been a real threat, particularly if — God forbid — which has been the circumstance, he’d have had no way to shield himself. That’s precisely the problem with gun control — criminals do not adhere to the legislation.

We’ve said it a thousand times, but I guess we will say it again since it is so important in this situation, in particular: The only way to prevent a bad guy with a gun would be having a good guy with a gun.

It’s certainly a good thing that there was no real danger in David Hogg’s home today. He might be the most annoying adolescent in the usa, but we wouldn’t need him to be severely hurt. Following this scare, nevertheless, he might need to look at arming himself — if he could get around all of those pesky gun control laws he’s lobbied for, that is.

He’s even decided to take a gap year rather than going to college this fall just so he can pursue his”activism.” If there was a hostage situation at Hogg’s house, he’d surely wish that he had a method to defend himself.

Hogg has set himself as one of the most recognized activists in the nation, and therefore, he has made himself a target. There are a lot of people who do not take kindly to his antics. If he was smart, he would take a weapon. That’s a bit problematic when you’re incessantly campaigning for gun control, however.

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