2 Guests At White House Event Kneel During National Anthem, Trump Makes Them Regret It Immediately

The Army Chorus sang, beginning the event with’America the Beautiful’ and reasoned with’God Bless America’.

At least 2 people who were guests in President Trump’s Celebration of America event yesterday knelt, showing precisely why so many Americans are ticked over the National Anthem controversy.

The occasion replaced a party in the White House in honor of the Super Bowl triumph for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Both of these idiots took a knee since the”Star Spangled Banner” rang out over the South Lawn of the White House. Simply disgraceful.

It reveals a guy, wearing a light blue button down, kneeling as the National Anthem played, before clapping and finally coming to his feet after the song finished.

What it really amounted to was making a fool out of himself internationally.

President Trump showcases all of these liberal dimwits for what they are… America-hating, revolutionary leftists who are far more enthusiastic about hating our brave police officers and our country than they are in respecting America and taking national pride within their country and President.

When President Trump chose the podiumhe blew his audience away with his passion for our nation, army, police, flag and the National Anthem.

He left every single individual who disrespects them like this seem like the small, craven liberals that they really are. The guy, who didn’t identify himself, left the event promptly after the United States Marine Band performed the anthem, according to a news anchor to TV2 Denmark. Gee, crawling away with his tail between his legs like the lowly cur he . Guess he could not stand patriotism after he revealed how much he hates his own nation.

There was a second man who had been pictured kneeling as well. This was posted to Twitter with a CNN White House manufacturer. He had been wearing a light blue checkered shirt and had a tiny American flag. This man was right up front. He was apparently the exact same person who allegedly heckled Trump. That guy was roundly booed by everybody around him.

CNN’s analyst April Ryan posted false information on Twitter yesterday claiming people were booing Trump when it had been the heckler they went after. She finally retracted exactly what she said after her own colleagues called her out on the lie. “Stop hiding behind the armed services and the National Anthem,” the guy yelled into a chorus of boos, according to the Daily Mail. “Let us hear it for the Eagles.” “Go home,” one man shouted at the heckler.

The President didn’t engage the heckler, but looked in his direction and pursed his lips. He seemed just like he wanted to slap him. Right there with ya.

President Trump disinvited that the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House after they first said they had over 70 players coming into the People’s House to observe. By this week, that amount had dropped to less than ten and to just one player.

They kept trying to change the date to one where President Trump will be out of the country. I really don’t blame the President at least for canceling the trip. This has been totally appropriate. Should you insist on being ungrateful and insulting a sitting President of the United States, then you do not deserve the honour of visiting the White House period.

Trump claimed on Monday that the team disagreed”with their President since he insists they stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great people of the military and the people of the nation.”

Eagles players denied that accusation, pointing out that no one on the group knelt for the anthem during the season. But this has nothing to do with how each individual on the group states his beliefs and reveals his disrespect for President Trump.

The man who was booed after shouting @ POTUS also took a knee throughout the anthem but appears to also sing the anthem while kneeling, based on pic from Olivier Douliery/ TNS. (He was supporting me & I did not turn around until I heard him shouting)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the team of a”political stunt” just minutes prior to Tuesday’s alternative event began, claiming that the players had selected to”abandon their fans.” That’s exactly what they did.

“In case this wasn’t a political stunt from the Eagles franchise afterward they wouldn’t have committed to attend the occasion then backed out,” she stated in her Tuesday press briefing. “And when it was not a political stunt, then they wouldn’t have attempted to reschedule the trip while the President was overseas.”

Trump was short in his remarks and just spoke for about four minutes. He started by explaining why it’s an issue of patriotism for Americans to stand for the National Anthem.

“We still stand to honor our military and to honor country and also to honor the fallen heroes who never left it home.” Yes, we do… and the ones that don’t can take a hike.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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