Breaking: Obama Was Just Caught

A new report has exposed the Obama government granting a permit to Iran that let them access the U.S. Financial system.

As reported by

“Even after the specific permit was issued, U.S. government officials maintained congressional testimony that Iran wouldn’t be granted access into the U.S. monetary system”

“The Obama management during the negotiation of the Iran deal tricked the American public,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), subcommittee chairman. “I believe they did because they were desperate to find a deal”

Once the nations involved with the Iran nuclear arrangement implemented the bargain, Iran had $5.7 billion in assets at Bank Muscat in Muscat, Oman, claimed as Omani rials, according to the subcommittee.

Iran wanted to access that cash, and employing the U.S. monetary system to convert it “was the most effective means, although U.S. sanctions prohibited it,” according to the report.

Government officials tried to convince two U.S. banks to execute the conversion. They both declined, citing the complexity and the unwanted appearance involved with processing an undercover trade, according to the report.

With no compliant American bank, a senior State Department official said that he thought Bank Muscat and Iran finally used European banks to convert the funds, said the committee.

It is intriguing that they tried to assert Barack Obama had no scandals during his Presidency but it appears every month something new we did not understand about emerges.

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  1. He didn’t trick us, he lied to us. This made us so mad that some of us switched parties. We were on the brink of civil war. Our answer … President Donald John Trump!

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