BREAKING: Roseanne Just Got Incredible Revenge On Valerie Jarrett After Tweet That Destroyed Her Career

After moving back and forth with trying to keep off Twitter, apologizing, saying she will make restitution for folks she’s hurt with words, then coming back in a hailstorm of iced out Tweets.

She lost her display over a Tweet which wasn’t anymore offensive than anything Samantha Bee or Kathy Griffin would say and she still lost her show, even though she is a whole lot more talented than the other two and had a top-rated show.

Roseanne popped back on Twitter to make a few statements about restitution, apologies, and then something else happened where she brought up Valerie Jarrett again.

Before mentioning exactly what she posted about Jarrett that time, we must point out that a lot of people had no idea who Valerie Jarrett was earlier Roseanne shocked her with a Tweet. Roseanne has made Valerie Jarrett a renowned name. She also only made her famous after retweeting something very harsh about Jarrett.

Roseanne said making restitution for the pain she caused, then someone chimed in with a nasty message about Jarrett.

Subsequently Roseanne retweeted it to her viewers of 882,000 followers (at the time). Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! That retweet surely will spark a controversy that lighting up the town like the 4th of July fireworks.

If you thought Roseanne went full force before, now check her out in her final form. This was barbarous and Jarrett is going to have a whole lot to say about it.

They wrote:

“Barr, whose eponymous show was cancelled after she compared Jarrett, who’s African American, to a ape on Twitter last month, was raised Jewish and has previously said that she felt just like Israel was home.

In fact, Jarrett has spoken about her own Jewish ancestry in the past, showing her great-grandfather was Jewish and she had attended Passover Seder as a child.

‘Do you not know what VJ has done?’ Composed the user, referencing Jarrett. ‘Her tweet is nothing in comparison. And her tweet was not bullying.’

Barr shared the tweet and replied:’They know not.’

After originally saying she had been taking a rest from Twitter, the disgraced TV star returned Tuesday with her first cryptic tweet:’I’m creating restitution to the pain I’ve caused.’

It is not precisely clear what Barr is speaking to and she didn’t elaborate in additional tweets.

She had earlier posted: ‘Deplatforming-read about it’.

The comic has been broadly condemned ever since she compared former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett into an ape on Twitter last month.

Following the fallout, Barr apologized to your tweet about Jarrett as well as her colleagues however, has insisted she isn’t racist.

She then retreated to Utah where she has been pictured in recent days looking disheveled.”

Roseanne is having a tough time after losing her show and costing others their job since ABC chose to cut off them over a possibly misinterpreted Tweet.

Roseanne appeared to be convinced that Valerie Jarrett is white, which was actually a very possible situation since she has quite a mild skin tone.

No matter Roseanne’s purpose, the damage is done and now she’s either going to recover somehow or go into full burst mode where she lets loose and goes wild.

Naturally, it is logical that all of this crap is happening on Twitter. That stage is filled with people arguing and it is very toxic occasionally.

Maybe we should deplatform ourselves out of Twitter so we don’t have to witness the toxic side of social websites since it takes people’s jobs off.

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  1. LOVE Roseanna’s Show She’s not A Racist and Boycotting ABC.Go Roseanna,You will comeback hope its Fox.✝️🙏🇺🇸♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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