George Soros Facing Prison

Soros and his cronies are encouraging prospective prosecutors who prefer lower incarceration rates, crackdowns on police misconduct and changes within a bail system that they argue discriminates against the poor.

“If they triumph in San Diego or Sacrаmento, L.A. is next.”

She called Soros supporting her rival Geneviéve Jones-Wright a open safety threat.

“I really like it!” She said at a recent fundraiser. “If he did not take an interest in this campaign, it would be a much more uneven playing field.”

This comes following Duane Chapman, also Called Puppy The Bounty Seeker, joined with his partner Beth to go up against Roseanne Scotti, Senior Chief of Soros’ Sedate Approach Alliance.

“I wished to inquire if SHE had done drugs if she had ever had a problem with medication if she had been strung out on drugs to the stage you could barely function in society. And when she said no if she hasn’t had that experience then why would she be talking like she’s,” Beth explained.

“People seem to forget that Duane and I have been dealing with these people [drug addicts]n a day to day basis. We know who should get out and that shouldn’t get out of prison.”

“They’re running a scam to drive pre-trial discharge and steal more taxpayer cash. Nonetheless, it is not even a problem of it just’not working’ they are directly trying to aide and abed, and increase, the criminal element that exists on our streets at this time,” she said.

They’re trying to achieve this by pushing that story that doing drugs is a’disorder’ — it is not a disease. The gоod hardworking people of America know that these aren’t diseases, they’re options, and lasted bad decisions cause addiction… depending on the type of substance, which can be heroin and opiates.”

Featured Image Source H/T: FreedomPoliticsToday

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