Major Actor Just Called For Trump To Be ‘Eradicated By Any Means’ – Finds Out He’s NOT Above The Law

It was reported that earlier this week a major well-known actor was speaking his mind on Twitter about President Trump and calling for things to happen that many of Trump’s voters would disagree with.

It was none other than famed actor John Cusack who took to Twitter to call for a coup against the President, but his choice of words have many questioning if he should get a visit from the Secret Service. His words issued could be what many might consider a threat against the Commander in Chief.

This whole episode began when Cusack began spreading a false rumor that President Trump’s administration was putting illegal immigrant children in cages.

This rumor began when a picture was circulated of illegal minors placed in cells. The picture is 100% authentic, but the only issue is that it was shot in 2014 when Barack Obama was president, and not during Donald Trump’s time as president.

The image was shared a lot and caused many people to believe that Trump was doing this to people, but it was an incorrect assumption that was finally corrected when people realized the picture was from 2014.

John Cusack continued in his tirade against the President. At one point even going as far as saying we need to “eradicate Trump by any means.”

That’s the part which some people could consider a threat as it could suggest many different things. Others might see it as a figure of speech, but some may not.

It’s a bold statement that can be taken one of many ways that could potentially involve violence. Many find that type of speech directed towards a President to be very telling of one’s character and believe that a visit from the Secret Service might be in order for Mr. Cusack.

This isn’t the first time John Cusack has been involved with words that might suggest inciting violence against Trump. An article from June, 2017, talks about John Cusack denying that he Tweeted something that was somewhat horrible in nature and involved a de-th threat to Donald Trump.

He might deny the claims against him, but Cusack’s name was mentioned as per the article by IB Times.

“John Cusack has shut down claims he sent a d***h threat to President Donald Trump.

In a tweet posted on 26 June, Cusack, 50, criticised Trump and the Republican party’s proposed healthcare bill, writing: “Message to GOP rob health care give tax breaks to rich bill -from sweet smell of success yr soon out of power.” Alongside the caption, Cusack posted a photo of the quote: “Yer d**d – Get yerself buried” written on the side of a building.

Although many initially perceived it to be a direct threat to Trump, 70, Cusack reveals it is actually a quote from the 1957 film Sweet Smell Of Success. Defending his comment, the Being John Malkovich actor tweeted: “Your so threatened by a movie line – the writer is Clifford Odettes by the way – you can get it on iTunes- enjoy.”

Further explaining his message behind the quote, Cusack added: “maga crew – trump presidency is in “a d***h spiral’ – words he uses to describe Obama care trump presidency in a d***h spiral too.

But politically he’s d**d in water – a metaphor – like resistance pics – ‘yr d**d get yourself buried’ a line from sweet smell of success with the great Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis – funny they were exposing the roy Cohn’s of the world – trump role model and hero.”

He added: “I think he is totally political d**d – ie f****d i.e. Already hit the iceberg,” before describing himself as a “non-violent person”. Cusack has voiced his concerns over Trump’s presidency in the past, previously calling for the US congress to “impeach this insane clown horror show”.

Cusack is not the only Hollywood star to come under fire for their comments about Trump. His tweet comes just days after fellow Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was accused of inciting violence towards the leader at Glastonbury festival.”

One thing to remember about Twitter is that people always take screenshots. The accusations could easily be proven by screenshots, however, the person who owns the account might still suggest that it wasn’t them who made the Tweets.

Some people might say they were hacked or their assistant did it, which could be the popular trend of things to say when someone’s Tweet or blog post (see Joy Reid) goes wrong.

Did John Cusack go too far? Could he be in legal trouble if someone were to attempt a violent act against the President and then say they did it because of what Cusack wrote?

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  1. what is truly amazing is the number of hollywood dumbo that show they are totally uninformed and they are lucky to have words put into their mouths by writers who are the actual story tellers. I have always wondered where many of these actors fall on the IQ charts because it is darn amazing that they have little common sense or are able to actually communicate with the common man.

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