Obama Jokes About Queen’s ‘Bling’ & Reveals Palace Secrets, He Gets Nasty Surprise

Now that Barack Obama is out of office, one way the Obamas are making the big bucks is via their tell-all novels.

Instead of respecting the British Monarch’s confidence extended to individuals who are her guests at Buckingham Palace, Barack was caught joking about the Queen’s”bling” and revealing unflattering secrets about their overnight stay.

Well, the Queen and her country are outraged because they pay him back with a horrible surprise.

The Queen of England is a gracious host, and also for the Obamas to utilize their nation visit where they had the honour of staying the night in Buckingham Palace as gossip for their tell-all books is a disgrace.

But this shouldn’t come to a surprise for people who remember Barack Obama’s hatred toward the British as he took office.

In fact, Obama loathes anything linked to the British monarchy. It stems from Barack’s leftist education that taught him Britain was essentially a racist country that subjugated millions of elephants in their imperialistic search to rule the planet. Who can forget when he disrespected our UK ally and returned the Winston Churchill bust into the British Embassy?

Sure, at one stage throughout their history, Britain was an imperialistic power. As Americans, we all know that better than most countries, but that has been over 200 decades ago, along with also the United Kingdom left those ways behind for good when they left India. Not all colonization was wicked, it brought many good things to undiscovered parts of the world.

But I digress. The British Monarchy now, and especially Queen Elizabeth II, is someone heads of country show respect to if they see Great Britain. In 2011, the Obamas were honored by the Queen with an invitation to remain overnight at Buckingham Palace from the Belgian suite, which encompasses six magnificent rooms.

At a preview of the how the crass Obama administration is cashing in, Ben Rhodes, the anti-Trump former national security adviser, just published a tell-all publication, also with Barack’s approval, he disclosed secrets about the 2011 Buckingham Palace visit.

Instead, he whined. ‘No, they have got a lot happening,’ Obama said. ‘Can you see the bling about the queen? `”

Nigel Farage, a British conservative politician, described US President Barack Obama as a”loathsome individual and creature” that”could not endure our nation,” reported the BBC.

But that’s not all. You can bet Barack Obama’s long-awaited tell-all will comprise his own unflattering stories about the British monarchy. Why Obama would allow Rhodes to include his crass remark about the”Queen’s bling” proves he doesn’t have qualms about causing the Monarch humiliation.

Of course, Obama knows Elizabeth II is going to be asked to comment on the statement, and palace insiders say she is also livid about the other anecdote Rhodes and Obama included in the book.

People reports,”The Obamas’ trip to Buckingham Palace was a jovial time for the couple, even if it did contain some odd rodent drama. According to the publication, the president had been at his room going over his address with his aides as the first woman was getting ready to sleep in another room when, abruptly, a butler appeared.”

“There’s a mouse.” Obama responded,”Don’t inform the first lady.” Mortified, the butler said,”We will try to catch it, sir.” Obama repeated,”Just don’t tell the first woman.”

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  1. Too funny. The obamas were as two faced as the Clinton’s. Great and now one of their liberal fool followers is married to the prince.

    Good luck with that.

    Remember the Obamas took 500 people with them at our expense to England. Every day in the people’s house for
    Was a vacation for them. And the American people foot the bill. All while our economy was in the dumps and 92 million American without work. The Obamas had no problem spending money that didn’t belong to them and rewarding themselves with millions of it. $400 million to Barry Soetero (one of Obamas aliases). For what? Obamacare?

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