Roseanne Breaks Down In Tears During Devastating Phone Call She Didn’t Expect – Needs Support NOW

She fell victim to a liberal witch hunt which appeared to be aimed to destroy the pro-Trump/conservative message she pushed on her new show. Her liberal counterparts in Hollywood continue to state considerably worse than she did on interpersonal networking.

But today, the courageous actress prepared to stand her ground received more bad news. Paparazzi was around to catch the catastrophic moment it had been delivered to her on the telephone, sparking an immediate a heart-wrenching response of sobbing in the outspoken actress.

Obviously, Roseanne did not deserve this demise. Liberals did so to her and do not appear to be done yet.

The Daily Mail accounts with their very biased stance on the matter:

It has been over a week because one racist tweet derailed Roseanne Barr’s career, and it appears the trouble has only just started.

The disgraced comedian — who could lose over $3million from her canceled show — was seen screaming on the telephone outside her parents’ house in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday.

Barr, who was wearing a bright blue and purple gown, looked mad as she walked around outside and chatted on her mobile phone.

She held her hands to her face in distress as she talked on the telephone.

At one point Barr could even be seen wiping the tears from her eyes with her arm as she listened to someone on the opposite line.

Though the content of the telephone call remains a mystery, there’s enough for Barr to be upset about since Roseanne was canceled last week following her racist tweet.

It was exclusively revealed by that Barr may not get paid total compensation for her canceled sitcom.

ABC executives think the star has brought the network to disrepute, and it has violated her contract obligations together with her bisexual conversation about Valerie Jarret, a source with knowledge of this scenario claims.

It is known senior ABC amounts are eager to block any payments because of Barr amid the embarrassment her incendiary tweet has caused the network.

Barr reportedly raked in an estimated $250,000 per incident of this series and will probably shed more than $3million in the aftermath of this scandal.

Gilbert was one of the initial members of the cast to speak out against Barr following her tweets about Obama’s former senior adviser, calling them’abhorrent’.

Barr, 65, remains maintaining a very low profile at her parent’s home, where she’s holed up with spouse Johnny Argent.

It’s sick and disturbing the left is observing Barr’s passing when they’ve made much worse remarks on social networking, and continue to, without recourse. This hunt and attack is clearly intentional as Barr was courageous enough to rebuke Hollywood’s narrative and push one which encouraged our president. Her message was contrary to their schedule and that is not something that the left was willing to risk.

Her very first amendment rights are seemingly not equivalent to those on the left, who can say whatever they need and be praised for it, while she’s punished to no conclusion. The left realizes this and observing it as a victory as it silences the right once again. This is not really acceptable and all Hollywood ought to be boycotted until it’s corrected.

Provided that hateful Jimmy Kimmel, the View, and other anti0-Trumpers are on the air while Roseanne isn’t, nobody should be watching and encouraging this ailing double standard.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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