Mueller Uncovers The Mole Planted By Hillary And The Russians

Special Counsel Robert Mueller just made a massive discovery! He unleashed the real Russian collusion, and there’s no way of concealing it.

FBI agents linked Hillary Clinton with Russian spies and discovered that they planted a sidewalk in Trump’s campaign.

The President already knew this, but today he’s all pieces of this puzzle. He is aware that Special Counsel Robert Mueller hаs come to a stage where he can no longer cover up the crimes that happened throughout the 2016 elections.

Mueller’s most important goal was to demonstrate the collusion between Trump and Russia– initially in the hacking of the DNC servers, and then using the mails they discovered on the servers to hamper and embarrass Hillary Clinton, to win the election.

Instead of this, he found signs that Paul Manafort was trying to find the Russians on Hillary’s orders. Now, this is an information that’s well worth it! Have a minute to sink that in.

Manafort, who’s a fantastic friend of Tony Podesta, has ties to pro-Russian operations in Ukraine. His ties were the”bomb” advice that Mueller believed will knock Trump down, but rather, this relationship leads back at Hillary. Whoever recommended Manafort as the man Trump had to employ to work on his own effort is also accountable for setting Trump up.

The Democrats and Trump haters kept making a huge deal out of Don Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya. The meeting was part of the”set-up” by the profound country, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Russians to create Trump seem guilty of making a deal with the Russians.

This was done by the Russian billionaires Aras and Amin Agalorov, who befriended Trump during the 2013 Miss Universe contest held in Russia.

Based on emails provided by Trump Jr., the Agalorov duo contacted him first. They advised me that they had”some dirt” on Hillary Clinton and asked if they could meet him. But, instead of them showing up to the assembly, Natalia Veselnitskaya walked into his office.

Natalia Veselnitskaya is a Russian operative who was working for Fusion GPS, the firm Hillary Clinton ordered to dig up dirt on Trump and helped congregate the”Russian” dossier.

She was delivered into Trump Tower to meet with Don Jr. at a sting operation. Now, putting this all together, just two days past does a post come out telling us exactly what Mueller’s raid was looking for in Manafort’s house.

“The records show that when federal investigators raided Manafort’s home, they were searching for’communicating, records, documents and other documents’ surrounding the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

They were also looking for any communicating with ‘Aras and Amin Agalorov,’ a billionaire Russian father-son duo with ties to President Trump coming in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.”

It appears like Manafort was part of preparing the meeting. The question is why did Manafort communicate with these Russian billionaires from the entertainment business, though they were Trump’s acquaintances, not his.

The origin, Carlson said, told him concerning events that implicate Manafort, the Podesta brothers, Hillary Clinton and her State Department, and Russian oligarchs. The source was interviewed by Mueller’s independent investigators”

In an endeavor to install Trump, Mueller’s gun shot at him. The incriminating evidence against Manafort cannot be concealed. Too many FBI agents are involved in order for it to be putten beneath the mattress.

Unsatisfied with this, Mueller now redirects his analysis towards Trump’s attorney Micheal Cohen. He had been sure that Cohen received enormous payment by a Ukranian steel tycoon Victor Pinchuk back in 2015.

Pinchuk, who did not ever meet Trump, paid him $150,000 to do a video conference. It’s super-suspicious. So, next question is, who’s Victor Pinchuk?

“The Clintons have jetted to his Black Sea resort to attend his galas. They have also accepted between $10 million and $25 million from his own foundation for the Clinton Foundation, according to the team’s website.

Hillary Clinton rewarded him frequent access to the Department of State while she had been secretary. Pinchuk was tied to allegedly illegal sales to Iran while Hillary headed the State Department,” reports the Daily Caller.

It is obvious that somebody is trying to place Trump up. Now, Jeff Sessions reveals his instinct. You may remember he is”recused” from whatever connected with Trump and Russia.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions will not recuse himself from the ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen,” according to a new report.

Sessions recused himself from the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, but today he is not likely to repeat this to the investigation of Trump’s lawyer.

What does this tell us? Cohen’s investigation does not have anything related to Trump or even Russia collusion, because if it did, Sessions could not get close to it.

In the last 48 hours, the Russian spy Natalia Veselnitskaya is freaking out. She’s yelling that Fusion GPS had been”set-up” and also did nothing wrong. She’s feeling the heat under her feet.

Featured Image Source H/T: FreedomPoliticsToday

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