Trump Ruthlessly Attacked Over His Pic For Pence’s Birthday After People See One Small Detail

On Thursday, the president Submitted an Image on Instagram wishing the Vice President, Mike Pence, a happy birthday.

Little did he know he would get as much backlash for your film and it is not for reasons you would believe. Although the VP did receive many birthday wishes to the article they were overshadowed by all of the hate-filled comments.

The president was in the news and criticized over other presidents so why would all of the haters let another day go by without harassing him?

Even when he’s performing a kind thing people tear him apart and he once again feels as though he must defend himself.

Uh oh, Donald Trump isn’t going to enjoy this! Unfortunately, the kind gesture was overshadowed by just how tiny his toes seemed in the pic.

Some supporters were not as distracted by Trump’s toes as they were by the total awkwardness of this photograph, which features a very stiff Trump standing with his daughter Ivanka and Pence on both sides of him with their arms by their sides. “All three of these seem so unnatural as human beings haha.

They look like they’re going to head out and purge,” stated one commenter. And they were not the only one to earn a comparison to the dystopian horror film, either.

Some believed it was rude that Trump made the pic about him when he was supposed to be celebrating his VP. “I really like this. It is Mike Pence’s B-day but who is front and center in the pic? #narcissus,” said an Instagrammer. Others took issue with his improper choice of wardrobe. “Trump! Please iron your trousers!” They wrote.

Something tells us that of all of the criticism, Trump will probably be most bothered by the comments about his toes. Trump just about lost his mind during the election when his rival Marco Rubio stated,”He’s always calling me Little Marco.

And I’ll admit he is taller than me. He’s like 6’two, which is the reason why I do not know why his hands are the dimensions of someone who is 5’2.” He said, showing his hands to the audience.

“And, he called my hands;’if they’re little, something else has to be small.’ I promise you there’s no issue. I promise.”

Even though the criticism won’t stop anytime soon after Trump, he’s one that isn’t afraid to fight back and allow folks understand the reality.

In my view, I believe that when he wore pants that were more tailored his fee wouldn’t appear to look smaller than they are.

But this incident of assault is evidence, once again, the left only loves to despise Trump and can not criticise him over anything meaningful, so they attack physical attributes like juveniles.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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