CNN’s April Ryan Screams Racist Lies About Trump, Sarah Cuts Her Mic In Epic Smackdown

CNN’s April Ryan lost her mind during the White House press conference. Ryan was finished by the press secretary off .

It seems the leftist strategy to oust President Donald Trump isn’t going well, and it is causing these press nutjobs to behave out.

April Ryan resorted to crying lies. Ryan yelled,”You will find brownish and black soldiers that fight in the military as well who believe taking the knee bringing focus on police-involved shootings — is something which the White House should deal with. Is the president aware that taking the knee is all about police-involved shootings?”

Where are these”black and brown soldiers” Ryan is screaming about? It got so bad, the reporter in front of Ryan at first laughed at her antics. Then he covered his face with his hands as the CNN nutjob made out of hands:

I hope Trump gives Sarah a boost because she actually deserves it. The press secretary shuts down Ryan’s microphone and says,”I allow you rudely interrupt me along with your colleague… I would be delighted to answer if you would stop talking long enough to allow me do that.”

Does Sarah Sanders Need to install the idiots in CNN? Sadly, there are still people who are brainwashed watching CNN. If Sarah can take care of their nonsense, which she can, these demonstrations of CNN reporters melt helps Trump. Showing their utter disregard for decorum and the truth proves it is the mainstream media that can’t be reliable.

April Ryan wasn’t finished. After Sarah Sanders shut her down, the sour CNN reporter introduced a bald-faced lie about Trump on Twitter. “Breaking: Reporters on the South Yard have verified that the @realDonaldTrump was heckled and booed when he came outside to celebrate America,” tweeted Ryan.

That seems strange. However, it must be authentic, right? It would be dreadful to converse out this coming from a mainstream news source, and with over 10,000 likes, it is a story people think is true.

Of course, Ryan’s accounts is absolute bull crap. This is the way low and damaging the mainstream media has become. This is why CNN is called”fake news.” After a few hours, Ryan”upgrades” her Twitter feed but doesn’t mention that it’s a correction.

“Breaking: reporters are rewatching case and found a heckler in the audience started asking questions of @realDonaldTrump along with the heckler had been booed. The heckler was escorted from the event. The booes were for the heckler,” tweets Ryan.

That is the sport played with our mainstream media. They report lies which make brainwashed idiots think,”Yep, Trump is sure hated” or”Trump is racist.” It strengthens their story, and it’s a crime as much as I’m concerned.

Why do we have a free press? Is not the free media our last line of defense against losing our nation and our rights? The power to influence the mob is the energy provided to the press.

This is exactly why societal websites is shutting down conservative voices. They realized the power that taxpayer journalist had in reporting the truth, and these leftists in power over social websites wish to shut us all down.

We Can’t trust CNN or MSNBC. We Can’t trust the New York Times or many newspapers in the Usa. CNN’s Jim Acosta and April Ryan are cases of purveyors of leftwing lies.

It’s time for patriots to remain in the fight. We can easily lose all the ground we have obtained under President Trump. Each of us have to do what we can to make sure the facts are shared with as many Americans as we could reach.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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