Sarah Sanders Explodes On CNN Producer After What She Caught Them Doing At G7 – Makes IMMEDIATE DEMAND!

The G7 summit took place last week and news and rumors reports over what went down have been swirling during the media. Talks of tensions between President Trump along with other Canadian and French leaders have been rife.

However one story in particular that has people talking is a fake image a CNN producer printed that was reportedly inaccurate in its own writing.

The saga started when Dan Scavino, an assistant to the president, tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of”negotiations” at the annual summit.

CNN producer Greg Hughes, apparently unhappy that the photo showed a range of world leaders gathering about President Trump, insisted that the photograph was only”clever visual messaging” and claimed without proof that the event was a”group signing.”

“Pretty bright visual messaging here from the White House — carrying some kind of group signing occasion and framing it instead to reveal President Trump apparently holding court,” Hughes tweeted. Sanders hit back hard at Hughes, tweeting,”Congratulations!

Once again you’re wrong.” “There wasn’t any’some kind of band signing’ occurring,” she wrote. “It was all negotiations. We had been there. You weren’t.” Sanders finished by asking if the CNN manufacturer would retract his “`smart’ and completely incorrect tweet”

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“Earlier today, I realised a photo of leaders at the G-7 and mistakenly called it as a registering event,” Hughes wrote in his apology tweet. “The White House says the images were taken during negotiations between the leaders. I was erroneous, have removed the previous tweet, and apologize.”

Once again you are wrong. There’s no”some kind of group signing” happening place. It was negotiations. We had been there. You weren’t. @Scavino45 tweet is 100% factual. Are you going to retract your”smart” and totally inaccurate tweet? …

Earlier today, I realised a photograph of leaders at the G-7 and mistakenly referred to it as a signing event. The White House claims the images were shot during negotiations between the leaders. I was erroneous, have removed the previous tweet, also apologize.

This is not the first time that CNN was captured being dishonest journalists or pushing fake narratives. Lately, Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on all Americans to watch a video put out by Project Veritas where a medical manufacturer from CNN was seen referring to the network’s coverage of their Trump-Russia evaluation as bullshit.

“On Tuesday, Project Veritas released a secretly-recorded video showing John Bonifield, a CNN wellbeing editor who is not involved in Russia-related policy, questioning the network’s determination to focus on the investigations of the Trump administration’s Russia connections, taking into consideration the absence of direct people evidence indicating any collusion involving President Donald Trump’s 2016 effort and Russia.

A few hours later, Huckabee Sanders tried to use the manufacturer’s view to condemn the media generally for reporting on the unfolding Russia investigations.

“There’s a movie out there circulating right now, whether it’s true or not, I do not understand, but I’d encourage everybody in this area, and honestly, everyone across the nation to have a look at it,” she said, after speaking to CNN as”that outlet.”

She continued:

“When it’s true, I think that it’s a disgrace to all media, to all journalism. I believe we have gone into a place in which the media can not be trusted to report the information, then that’s a dangerous place for America, and if that is the place where specific outlets are moving, especially for the role of spiking ratings, and if that’s coming from the very top, that’s even more frightening, and that is even more disgraceful.”

The network released a statement on Tuesday defending its policy and the manufacturer that voiced skepticism. The White House has been especially critical of CNN during the last week.

Trump made a false claim about CNN’s evaluations on Tuesday following the network retracted a story that said Congress was investigating a Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials, prompting the resignations of journalists Thomas Frank, the story’s writer, as well as investigative editors Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris.

And on Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer taunted CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta, implying that he was just asking competitive questions of the administration because the cameras were still rolling.

“There is no camera on, Jim,” Spicer said. “Maybe we should turn on the cameras, Sean,” Acosta responded, clarifying the choice to hold fewer televised press briefings. “Why don’t we turn the cameras ? They are in the area. The lights are all on.”

CNN PR just issued an announcement about @JamesOKeefeIII’s undercover video, noting This staffer isn’t included in Russia or Trump coverage…

This is not the first, the second, the third or the last time that CNN has or will be finding themselves in hot water. They have had an acrimonious and whatever but sort relationship with the present administration and they routinely get in trouble for this — with both the president and the press secretary utilizing social networking to call the network for some of their nefarious and downright unethical perform.

Featured Image Source H/T: BusinessInsider

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