Trump Quietly Slips Out Of Sight For Hours While Overseas, Now We Know The Unbelievable Reason

President Trump and First Lady Melania have been traveling for almost an entire week and are nearing the end of their first abroad presidential trip.

The couple just landed in Belgium and also the president will shortly be attending the G7 Summit back in Italy on Friday and Saturday.

But with as active as he has been for days, he recently dropped everything and quietly slipped out of sight for a couple hours and now we know that the incredible reason why.

There’s been no shortage of media coverage as the Trumps travel the globe this week. Despite having cameras following the couple almost around the clock, there’s one outing in Israel that media”conveniently” missed and it’s clear as to why they decided not to pay it.

Virtually every second of this president’s 27-hours in Israel was packed and planned out, but he still made time to meet a wish of a 14-year-old who knew that he was coming into her nation. As eager as she was to see himTrump was reportedly eager to fulfill this special little girl.

The Yeshiva World reports:

“During his recent visit to Israel, President Donald Trump created a 14-year old woman’s fantasy come true. Emilee Imbar has been battling cancer for the last seven decades, and has dreamed of meeting with all the U.S. President.”

“Rachashei Lev is Israel’s national service center for pediatric cancer patients, and one of their hundreds of invaluable services, they have helped tens of thousands of pediatric cancer patients to attain their dreams”

Major MSM blackout of Trump at Israel seeing Emilee Imbar, a 14-year-old girl battling cancer, who always dreamed of meeting him.

Emilee’s fantasy was to fulfill the President of the USA and she got that want fulfilled by our incredibly personable leader. Trump truly loves kids as much as the First Lady, who appears to have experienced a compassionate impact on him. Perhaps not surprising, has been that the entire media ignored this incredible story and act of love from our president as it is counter to their narrative.

You can bet that if Barack Obama had done something as thoughtful as this, there would have been a press entourage in tow. On the contrary, liberals accused Melania of being interested in the”photo op” at her regular and protracted hospital visits, and this can be far from the truth with the real love and concern for children this couple always exudes.

“President Trump collaborated with Emilee, asking about her wellbeing and health, and about her a little bit about the massive responsibilities of being a President of the United States,” The Yeshiva World reported. President Trump was visibly moved by Emilee and wished her good health and a speedy recovery. It was a momentous day for everybody.”

The neighborhood news outlet was the sole supply of the story originally. But if the mainstream media will find a way to spin this story into something grossly negative, you may rest assured that each outlet will be running it in almost no time.

It is disgusting that the Obamas got coverage of the fake warm and fuzzy things they posed , but if any part of the Trump family does something actually real and on their won accord, it is ignored or twisted into something disgusting it is not.

The left wants the world to feel that Trump is a heartless, horrible man who is out to fool us take away rights, and kill folks he does not like. Ironically, facts prove these things to be true about some of the liberal leaders.

Meanwhile, in case this first overseas trip has shown anything, it is how loved the President and First Lady are all over the world. They are not swayed by the leftist press in America that slanders our chief for the sole reason for paving the way into an impeachment.

People in different countries simply judge him by his actions and not what people say, since that’s what speaks louder than just negative, spiteful words.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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