After Joy Tries To Pretend Obama’s Still President, Newt Destroys Her On Live TV

On Tuesday, Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s”The View,” attempted to feign that Barack Obama was still the president, giving him all the credit for Donald Trump’s accomplishments.

On Tuesday’s episode of”The View,” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was the special guest in the hot topics dining table, where he demonstrated precisely how hypocritical the opinions held from the show’s liberal ladies — I use that term loosely — really are.

After requesting Gingrich about President Donald Trump disinviting this year’s Super Bowl Champions staff into the White House, host Sara Haines pressed him enclosing what he considers to be the best thing and the worst thing Trump has done while in office.

Gingrich commended Trump for boosting the market and for the record-low black unemployment, saying,”I think the best thing is the economy, I think the fact that we possess the lowest black unemployment in history…”

Host Sunny Hostin took issue for this, interjecting to inquire,”Could he take credit for that? Is not that Obama’s doing?”

Gingrich, nevertheless, came prepared to back up his statement with facts. “I think this quarter we will have more than double the economic growth rate of nearly every quarter in 8 years of age Obama,” he responded.

However, Hostin wasn’t letting it go. “Because he has been set up! He had been given a present, Newt!” She whined.

“It is true!” Echoed Joy Behar, according to NewsBusters.

“So Obama gets it both ways: He’s a terrible gift from George W. Bush. He also gave Trump a good present. Anything good that happens under Trump is really Obama,” said Gingrich, pointing their murderous hypocrisy.

“It is true!” Hostin responded.

“Well, that’s one way to check out the world,” said Gingrich.

“Obama endured a deficit.

“And is accelerating it!” Explained Gingrich. “He inherited a slowly growing market and he’s doubling the rate of growth”

If there is anyone who doesn’t have the knowledge, authority, or experience to be discussing politics on television, it’s these women. Yet, day after day, they position themselves as the major police on everything from gun legislation to the economy.

Coincidentally, Barack Obama had zero comprehension of the either, which explains the reason why the market took such a dip through his presidency. Just now that President Donald Trump is in office are we seeing things turn around. And we haven’t just seen small improvements, either. Trump is literally breaking records.

Just last week we reported for the first time in recorded history there’s a job available for every single American seeking employment.

That is largely because of the countless jobs Trump has attracted back to the United States and the countless dollars foreign firms are currently investing in our market thanks to Trump’s leadership. There is just no way to charge Obama for this huge achievement. Under the Obama government, companies were leaving the U.S., not opening up factories and plants and storefronts here.

Similarly, there is not any method to credit Obama to your record-low black unemployment rate. In fact, many believe he brought this minority market back several decades concerning economic progress and race relations.

President Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to this country lately. You won’t see the girls on”The View” admitting as much, though. They are too busy worshipping the floor Barack Obama falls on.

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  1. these women on the view and I use that loosely, have no comprehension of truth or fact ,they just pull stuff out of their mindless brain’s and say it is fact! Why this show even allowed to be on, it would be one thing if they real researched the topic but they ,don’t they go with their hate for Trump and do not look at any of the good things that are happening, same with Hollywood ,you don’t have to like him but if he succeeds then America does!!! you bring shame to America and I for one will never watch your show your nothing but far left BITCHES!!!!!

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