De Niro Screams ‘F*ck Trump’ At Tony Awards, POTUS Shocks Him With ‘Nasty Surprise’

Robert De Niro has become completely unglued over his hatred of President Donald Trump. Yes, the president has shocked the unhinged actor with a horrible surprise he never saw coming.

Robert De Niro represents the Hollywood crowd that is so out of touch with regular Americans. His leftist politics have also consumed and cried anything great he contributed as an actor.

The Raging Bull star became indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing Trump is a big bad smelling, and De Niro missing his mind.

The seventy-four-year-old star was in the Tony Awards last night to present another deranged Trump hater Bruce Springsteen. He yelled,”I am gonna say 1 thing: F*** Trump!” As long, loud cheers came from the Tony Award’s viewers, De Niro started pumping his fists in the air. “It’s no longer’down with Trump’, it’s’f*** Trump! ”’

Naturally, the Tony Awards has possibly the most leftist audience of all the entertainment award shows.

The LGBTQ crowd is best represented in the Tony Awards, too. Bear in mind, this is the crowd who booed VP Mike Pence because he arrived to watch the Broadway show”Hamilton.”

So with this in mind, De Niro made a complete fool out of himself, chanting”F*ck Trump,” while President Trump was on the opposite side of the world seeking to save the planet from nuclear annihilation because he meets with Kim Jong-un.

De Niro’s time is so off, he has no clue what is happening in the real world. Here’s the uncensored Tony Award video with profanity:

But today the leftist nutjob has gone too far. Townhall’s Deroy Murdock back in 2016 rightly sensed De Niro’s deranged behaviour and out of control anger toward Trump and was something that the Secret Service should investigate. He wrote,”I contacted the United States Secret Service and formally asked that it stunt a violent threat against [afterward ] GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.”

He added,”I specifically asked the Secret Service to investigate actor Robert De Niro’s recent announcement in an online video seen at 18 million times, up to now. De Niro says of Trump,’I’d like to punch him in the face.’ De Niro can be uncivil as he desires. Even if De Niro doesn’t mean to act upon his own words, they might inspire somebody else to carry them out.”

It seems the Secret Service has contacted Robert De Niro, which was a shocking reality check into the hot-headed celebrity. He also probably watched it as a nasty surprise straight from Trump. We can deduce this occurred to De Niro, based on what went down with Kathy Griffin. Just recently, she affirmed to ABC News, the Secret Service started a 2-month long investigation to her over the Trump”damn head” episode.

Additionally, De Niro has refrained from utilizing his tough-guy lingo, no more does he endanger the president with physical harm, he can say today is”F*ck Trump.” He and his leftist cohorts have nothing to provide American citizens , they all could give us all is their vulgarity.

The governmental pro in HBO’s The Circus, Mark McKinnon, who is on no account a Trump enthusiast, warned De Niro about his trash talking, tweeting,”Hollywood here is your problem. Deniro states’F*ck Trump.’ Maher’hopes for a recession to get rid of Trump.’ That is all you have? Have you got any clue as to how this plays right into Trump’s playbook? Keep this up and you’ll help ensure four more years”

Hollywood here’s your problem. Deniro says”Fuck Trump.” Bee says Ivanka is”a cunt.” Maher”hopes to get a recession to get rid of Trump.” That is all you got? Do you have any clue as to how this plays right into Trump’s playbook? Keep this up and you will help to ensure four more years.

Exactly, De Niro is playing right into Trump’s palms as he continues on his”F*ck Trump” tour. It only enrages most Americans as McKinnon predicted. Actor and producer of Christian films, Kevin Sorbo, represented what many Americans consider De Niro, tweeting,”Ah, the tolerant Left.

The article includes a quote from some Broadway guy saying’Who is gonna argue with De Niro?’ Ah, tens of millions, possibly. Just because he plays with tough guys, doesn’t make him one. So all the Socialist, Communist, Leftie supporters…”

Ah, the tolerant Left. The guide includes a quote from a Broadway man saying”Who’s gonna assert with De Niro?” Ah, thousands, maybe. Just because he plays with hard guys, doesn’t make him one. So all the Socialist, Communist, Leftie supporters…

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) June 11, 2018

Vulgar tirades of zero substance shrieked in an audience filled with people with the specific same place. I HATE HIM MORE THAN YOU HATE HIM!!! Championship virtue signaling there people.”

Robert De Niro perfectly sums up the new left. Vulgar tirades of zero chemical shrieked at an audience full of people with the exact same position

Yep, De Niro is playing to a packed house of the”new left.” These individuals aren’t interested in the developing economy which is due to the president slashing Barack Obama’s strict financial regulations, and along with tax cuts, Trump has shrunk the GDP ( gross domestic product) in only 500 days.

De Niro could care less that unemployment is so low there are”more jobs than Americans can fill.”

We love how unhinged De Niro is now, and each time he moves full nutjob on live TV, it attracts an increasing number of individuals to financing President Trump for a few more years. Thanks to Bobby De Niro and his cohorts, we once again will soon be observing the great comeback of America from the clutches of this evil leftists in 2020.

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