De Niro Was Warned About Trashing Trump At Tony Awards And Didn’t Listen, Got What He Deserved On Stage

Hollywood & New York Cities Elite assembled in the Empire State to sponsor yet another fake awards show for the entitled millionaire class.

Every year, those award shows attribute millionaire, and billionaire talking to the rest of the world telling us precisely what we should be doing, and how to do it while they live by their own rules, and drink Dom Perigon, and eat beluga caviar backstage.

However, these elitist will preach how everyone else is destroying the planet, and need to reduce their footprint. This is one of many examples of how hypocritical Hollywood is. They can care less about the earth. They’re just in it to earn money and live with their own set of rules.

If you really want to make it in Hollywood these day, all you have to do is say”F**K Trump”! That is it. You no longer have to hamper your own entire body, just your President. Republicans are rare in Hollywood. We call them “Too Big To Destroy” by Hollywood.

This year’s Tony Awards was undoubtedly the most disgusting awards series nonetheless. Legendary actor Robert De Niro believed he needed to tackle how he felt about President Trump facing millions of individuals.

NEW YORK — With a bleep on live tv and double fists raised in the atmosphere, Robert De Niro captured the theater audience on its toes in the Tony Awards with a rousing political introduction of his old friend Bruce Springsteen which was focused squarely everywhere — on President Trump.

De Niro, a staunch Trump opponent, dropped a few F-bombs heard clearly by the Radio City Music audience Sunday night. The CBS television crowd heard Id **Id silent rather before he raised his arms twice — and earned a sustained standing ovation.

The legendary actor urged the audience to vote in November and famous Springsteen because of his own political devotion before the singer sat at a piano to get a moving performance based on his”Springsteen on Broadway” show that had him singing his classic hit,”My Hometown.”

De Niro said of Springsteen:”Bruce, you can rock the house like no one else and even more importantly in those perilous times, you rock the vote, always fighting for, in your own words, truth, transparency, and integrity in government. Boy, do we need that today.”

Barack Obama attracted SHAME to the White House following the president went on his apology tour around the entire world. Never ever has a U.S President done that, however De Niro claims there isn’t any truth, transparency, and integrity at the Government. I wonder just how long he’s been sleeping. From the looks of the facial hair, I say a long time.

CBS was not having any of De Niro’s shenanigans. While De Niro thought he had the interest of millions of people around the globe on the Television, he did not know he was really being silenced. Nobody really discovered what De Niro said while watching live.

De Niro got what he deserved. CBS made certain his small act was bleeped out so you couldn’t even make out what he stated. But this morning the unedited versions came out, along with the American men and women are PISSED! Could you imagine when Clint Eastwood went on point, and said”F***K Obama? Boy would the crowd turn into a mob.

De Niro was cautioned prior to about trashing the President. The American men and women aren’t going to endure this crap any longer.

Hollywood ratings are already in the gutter, yet they can’t seem to find the hint. Trump supporters constitute 63 million people in the USA alone. That is not counting the countless people around the world who have expressed their support for the President. Most Democrats have come out over the previous year, also have shown their support of their President.

Monday, conservatives, for example some Hollywood voices, got their minute of rebuttal on social media, calling the screen”disgusting” and”childish” and thanking the Oscar winner for helping the president win reelection in 2020.

TV host Piers Morgan took the opportunity to ponder why folks despise Trump so much they’d rather see America fail than the president triumph.

“It is childish, pathetic and awkward — all of the things De Niro professes to despise in Trump,” Morgan said of the filthy speech.

Said actor Kevin Sorbo,”Only because he plays with tough guys, doesn’t make him ”
De Niro and the rest of the liberals in Hollywood can’t appear to know they’re only assisting the President secure a second term.

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5 Replies to “De Niro Was Warned About Trashing Trump At Tony Awards And Didn’t Listen, Got What He Deserved On Stage”

  1. The Deep State (shadow Gov’t) has been rearing their ugly head ever since Trump said he’d run.
    They USED Russia, Russia, Russia.. and failed and are now being exposed.
    They USED Sports and we all know how THAT turned out with the sports fans ‘burning’ their shirts, season tickets and jerseys.
    They USE Hollywood, thinking that millionaire PRETENDERS, Actors & dancers actually have some pull… thinking about Griffin, Di Nero and other CLOWNS and how that turned out..
    They USED CHILDREN to stir up HATE between color, race and nit-picking to cause riots
    They CREATED gender wars to cause chaos in America
    They TEACH anti-Christian habits in schools by USING again.. children as young as 4 yrs. old
    They USE Fake Media like CNN, MSNBC, CBC and others to CONSTANTLY trash Trump..
    They USED Democrats to smear, stall, show their hate for the USA if it helps to taint Trump.
    They brought in ILLEGALS and Open Borders for VOTES ‘KNOWING’ that the intruders had no intention of assimilating with American Christians & Patriots.

    They have only ONE agenda.. to take Trump DOWN..
    Because they’ve CONTROLLED the presidency & YOU since JFK through
    fraudulent voting machines, having the DEAD vote and having people bused
    where they would vote numerous times..

    The PEOPLE WOKE UP and Trump EXPOSED the Deep State.

    They want CHANGE.. NO MORE LIES & Corruption!

    35,000 INDICTMENTS are going to be exposed soon..
    Pedophiles are bring arrested GLOBALLY
    all under TRUMP

    DiNero is a NOBODY

    The DEEP STATE is finished.

  2. These Hollywood pathetics are the only ones who take themselves seriously. Education, morality, decorum, social Grace’s….as evidenced by the latest embarrassment, Dinero, someone who was cast in the roles of such movies as Scarface, The Godfather, Raging Bull…uplifting, worthwhile movies–using total sarcasm here. Really, what does one expect from someone like this? He acts like some radical, rebellious, undisciplined child at 74? It’s nothing short of tragic and ignorant. I wonder how this Communist bunch will accept the news of Trump’s seond victory in 2020? Let the cameras roll. THAT will be a comedy worth seeing!!

  3. M.y beef is not eith the pitiful small man on stage not able to help himself by shouting F!ck Trump, but rather with those that stood up and applauded, as they are the majority in that theatre ehilst DeNiro was in the minority. Scarier than all of that is that I saw people looking around themselves, afraid maybe that they were the only one applauding. Lots of shrinks have a lot to do in the coming months, me thinks !!

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