Melania Just Bravely Showed Up Alone With Big Surprise For Everyone Who Trashed Her For Weeks

The media loves to attack the First Family. (Hence why they’re called “Fake News”) They have zero standards anymore. The pursuit of truth is not their principal objective anymore.

First Lady Melania Trump has been MIA for a few weeks later she had surgery for the benign kidney. Nobody knew she had surgery, consequently, the media started making false accusations. They claimed a rocky relationship with the President. The press felt that it was their job to learn in which the First Lady had been.

At the middle of May, the news was released that Lady Melania Trump had to undergo kidney operation. The 48-year-old was hospitalized for many days after the surgery and stayed out of the public eye for a few weeks while recovering. During this time, the mainstream media were able to think of several damaging rumors surrounding Melania’s whereabouts.

President Trump spoke out on social media trying to dispel those rumors, even though they continued to circulate. On May 16, First Lady Melania published her very first statement after the operation. Two weeks later, she needed to address the rumors himself

I see the media is working overtime imagining where I am & what I’m doing. Rest assured, I am here at the @WhiteHouse w / loved ones, feeling excellent, & working hard on behalf of kids & the American people!

She hosted a personal White House occasion for Gold Star families.

The first woman gave comments to conclude the gala, which included performances and given philanthropist Sheila C. Johnson and golfer Jack Nicklaus with the Lincoln Medal, an annual award given to those who have illustrated the character and heritage of the 16th president.

“Tonight reminds all of us about the energy that the arts have in cultivating the American voice. Thanks to Ford’s Theatre Society for tonight, and your continuing dedication to leadership and education in the arts — the impact they have on society is priceless and something we will continue to cherish throughout time.”

Sharing photographs of her night outside in the country’s capital, the first lady wrote on Twitter,”Thank you @Fordstheatre and also the talented performers to get a special night celebrating the arts & the heritage of former President Lincoln. Congratulations to @jacknicklaus & Sheila Johnson, the recipients of this Lincoln Medal!”

The gala performance was attended by Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence and a variety of dignitaries.

“She went through a little rough patch but she is doing great,” he explained. “The people of our country love you.

The very first woman stood solemnly beside her husband as he spoke, and swimming reporters covering the event didn’t hear her speak. One reporter noted that Mrs. Trump, 48, was”looking well, like her previous self, perfectly healthy from at least her external appearance.”

As the president led to Canada to the G7 summit on Friday without Mrs. Trump by his sidehe assured reporters that the first woman is”doing great” — but can not fly on doctors’ orders.

“She wished to go,” he told reporters before boarding Marine One en route to Quebec. “can not fly for one month”

It’s defined as the very first in-person encounter between a sitting U.S. president along with a North Korean chief.

“I am on my way to Singapore where we have a chance to achieve a really wonderful result for North Korea and the World.

It is going to certainly be an exciting day and I know that Kim Jong Un will work very difficult to do something that has rarely been done before…Create peace and great prosperity for his property,” Trump said in a series of tweets. “I look forward to meeting him and have a feeling that this one-time opportunity will not be wasted!”

After the event, FLOTUS posted on her sociable media account about the event as well.

Not just were guests commenting on the First Lady’s kind words, but they also noticed her sparkling gown! As usual, Melania’s timeless fashion sense was evident and her silver, navy, and white sparkly outfit proved that yet again! –People

It’s a damn shame when the First Lady is living her life, along with the press treats her like total trash. There are no standards left in press, and we observe that. The media would have never handled the Obamas similar to this. If I recall, Michelle, and the children were OFF LIMITS! The nasty things which were said about little Barron Trump is disgusting. Sasha, also Malia would haven’t been treated like that.

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  1. Leave it to the low-life liberals to spread lies… But then I guess their not use to a first lady wanting her privacy…If it had been Michelle Obama she would have had them in her hospital room for a pity party…

  2. I agree with the writer of this article but I question it The reason is that the grammar is so bad. Does anyone proof read anymore ?!?!

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