Disgraced DeNiro Tries To Save His Career And Apologizes, Gets Priceless Response From Trump

Actor Robert De Niro decided to create an apology for ‘idiotic behavior’ and President Trump made a priceless response.

De Niro was trying to show his softer side after galavanting in the Tony Awards and rising the crowd with his anti-American hatred for Trump and his classic two-word announcement of’f-ck Trump.’

He definitely got an ovation from a bunch of budding celebrities that suffer low ratings for their award shows year after year. The reply from Trump was simple.

It was no response. Trump didn’t appear to care and when he learned about it at all, then he probably brushed it off.

De Niro’s apology wasn’t just to Trump, but it was against Trump. De Niro found himself saying sorry to Canada for Trump’s behavior (for instance, bringing peace one of the Korea’s?)

And then criticized Trump to the comments he made about Canada. Of course, this was directed toward Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who was recently seen with his fake eyebrow falling off at a viral movie.

It sure sounds like Robert De Niro has it out for President Trump and certainly does not seem to be a lover of his. Can De Niro have other motives that may clarify his generic apology and his constant badgering of Trump?

This isn’t the first time that De Niro went on the offensive side of the mean words!

“Robert De Niro has taken it upon himself and is apologizing to Canadians for its’idiotic behaviour of my president’ just 1 day after the actor launched an expletive at Donald Trump at the Tony awards.

‘I just wish to take note of apology for the idiotic behavior of my president,’ De Niro stated as the crowd of a couple of dozen cheered.

‘I apologize to Justin Trudeau and the other folks in the G7,’ De Niro continued,’It’s disgusting.

Talking after the celebrity, Toronto Mayor John Tory to mention ,’Thank you.’

Trump known as Trudeau’dishonest’ and’weak’ after the summit on Saturday. Trump advisers also ripped Trudeau, branding him a back-stabber.

De Niro co-owns the series, and also the Toronto job will feature a restaurant, hotel and flats that go for seven characters.

He, namesake chef Nobu Matsuhisa and their group employed golden shovels to ceremonially break ground on the luxury undertaking.

At the Tony awards, De Niro established an expletive at Trump and pumped his arms like a fighter for accent.

A lot of the crowd stood and cheered, while TV censors immediately bleeped out the offending words”

It seems like De Niro was utilizing his own distaste for Trump to get himself in the headlines , since it appears very convenient that he was breaking ground at among his restaurant/hotel projects. How ironic it is that he’s making anti-Trump remarks and moving viral just as he is promoting his new enterprise.

Is De Niro using his hatred for Trump to keep himself relevant so that the news and separate media outlets will mention his new endeavors?

Is De Niro attempting to use hatred to fuel the rise of his own companies and save the finish of his career in regards to his non-acting projects? This could be the case and the reason behind all of De Niro’s constant insults and barrage of attacks that seemingly go undetected.

He is like the male version of Rosie O’Donnell at the sense that they constantly throw insults at President Trump and most of the time it comes from nowhere and is unwarranted.

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  1. I am curious to know who writes and/or edits these pieces? They are so full of grammatical and punctuation errors that they are difficult to read. Is this the standard of current journalism?

  2. Sicko DeNiro, the stinking foul-mouthed sewer rat is an international disgrace. Disgusting old timer with no sense of propriety, his behaviour reflects his lack of education. Low I.Q. and starring in crap movies littered with profanities, cursing and blasphemies, DeNiro is pure garbage.

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