Head Of Democratic Party Just Hauled Out In Handcuffs With Multiple Charges – Enjoy Life Behind Bars!

The head of the Alabama Democratic Party found herself very hot water only lately. She had been indicted for several felonies and misdemeanors.

The crooked Democrat has been euphemistically hauled away in handcuffs over this… former Secretary of State Nancy Worley wound up reserved in the Montgomery County Jail and subsequently was released on bail.

She found herself wrapped up after an indictment came down charging the mind Democrat with actions committed during her failed campaign for re-election this past year.

Worley is only one in a long line of Democrats who have been charged and arrested during the previous year. Everything to perjury have headlined the news on those politicians.

Taxpayers have forked over an immense amount to test Democrats for crimes they committed while functioning as”public officials.”

It’s starting to seem as though there are so few fair Democrats out there that states like Alabama have turned into a stomping ground for people like Worley.

Throughout the years she spent at office, she was challenged by countless complaints. They ranged from charges of abusing her position by utilizing a gas-guzzling SUV that the state of Alabama paid , to causing low morale among a number of workers that were really unhappy with her so-called leadership.

One of those people was Ed Packard. “I am trusting that what this means is that the law which protects state employees is going to be enforced.” I would really like to understand what he meant by this and what she did to him.

The indictment charges that Worley broke the law previously in one case for writing a letter to her employees basically demanding that they vote for her,”I wish to request your support and your vote at the June 2006 Democratic main Election.” The unsaid message there’s, vote for me if you value your job.

And there were other allegations over the years as well. The exact same girl has the gall to rant about Republicans who were allegedly kicked from or”ousted” from workplace in Alabama for misconduct. She used this faulty reasoning to inform Alabamans that is why they should vote Democrat.

She said, “Should you decide to support another candidate you’ve got every right to make this choice without any issues from me.” Apparently, that turned out not to be authentic. You will not be shocked in the least to know she is a massive supporter of Hillary Clinton too. She learned very well from her mentor.

Worley’s attorney of course asserts the preceding statement means employees weren’t pressured into contributing to her effort, but Packard and others certainly see it differently.

“Apart from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to ask money or other types of campaign assistance from their subordinates because of the employer-employee relationship that could be coercive just by its nature,” he said. That’s got to be a violation of labour legislation in that nation.

Packard also pointed to other items Worley sent employees, such as bumper stickers and an envelope to volunteer or ask a lawn sign. Packard says his complaint represents a number of employees who were reluctant to do anything about it. Because they were afraid they’d lose their jobs. Sound familiar?

“I did not have any hesitation to submit a complaint because I feel it takes people standing up and doing the proper thing if we anticipate the right things to happen,” he said. Good for him. This was the right thing to do, as well as the hard thing to do.

Nancy Worley confronts five misdemeanor and five felony charges. She did not wish to go on camera to respond to the accusations from her, but she did state, quote,

“This is happening to Democrats throughout the country who do not bow down to Republicans.” No, this really is happening to Democrats across the nation as they are corrupt and violate the law. She is solely accountable for her own activities here.

Her attorney James Anderson poo-pooed that the indictments as,”Much ado about nothing” I doubt that a judge will see it that way and although I would hope Worley loves life behind bars, she’ll likely not wind up there. The prosecutor in the case dropped the felony charges and just hit on her with a misdemeanor.

Nancy Worley was recently elected among the Democratic Party’s vice seats. Still another vice-chair, Joe Reed says,”that the indictments do not mean pity and they don’t impact her standing with the celebration in any way.”

Plus it has not… that the Democrats are acting like she did nothing wrong. I might figure out that this is not the first time Worley was in trouble. She’s refused to pay fines after pleading guilty coming from charges in 2012. She finally paid up on those. Finally, this girl will wind up in jail where she belongs. Alabama, you can do much better than this.

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