BREAKING: It’s Official! California Has Done It, Will Happen In November!

California has been able to outdo itself again, deciding to honor the needs of their illegal alien population over that of their American taxpaying citizenry. California’s General Assembly has just passed a bill making them the first nation to extend Medicaid coverage to immigrants, regardless of immigration status.

The invoice is called AB 2965 also it will remove the legal residency conditions now within California’s Medicaid program called Medi-Cal. It handed the Democratic-controlled Assembly 33-21. The country has done away with residency requirements for individuals younger than the age of 19. The Democratic-controlled Meeting 33-21

According to California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office, offering this level of total cost coverage to these people would cost California taxpayers approximately $3 billion for JUST that the 2018-2019 year. The bill is set to be introduced to the state Senate and they’re predicted to pass the proposal and present to Governor Jerry Brown for signature.

Proponents of this bill state their support as a result of inconsistent access to care for illegal aliens and a significant dependence on walk-in or community clinics and emergency rooms. This could be a systematic way to keep communities healthy.”

Opponents of this bill question why illegal aliens should receive such benefits at taxpayer cost and if prohibited people will flock to California in order to take benefit of such a benefit. They also wonder just how long that the nation can endure such a significant financial burden without federal subsidy.

Oh, what’s that? Works the way? Oh.

Opponents of this bill have questioned the requirement of the bill, considering that this is simply a political move on the part of liberal, open boundaries politicians in California.

They have suggested that this could be a purposeful overloading of the system in a bid to induce global state-run health care similar to what’s found currently in the uk and other parts of Europe. A location where medical care is rationed out to the very wealthy first and also the feeble, handicapped, and elderly are weeded out as”unnecessary.”

Former Senator Ron Paul, himself a doctor, raged in a system which would warrant such terror as Baby Alfie and his family have been exposed to.

Paul says –“While the official source of d***h proved to be a degenerative brain disorder, Alfie could have been murdered by the British health system as well as also the British high court. The high court not only upheld the doctors’ authority to override the parents’ wishes, it refused to allow the parents to take Alfie overseas for treatment.

Hoping for a backlash in November which will surprise these coastal elites and wake them up that they have gone too far. Otherwise, welcome to #Mexifornia or #Calenzuela. #VoteTheBumsOut

Since Plato, fans of federal authorities have sought to place government responsible for raising children. The authoritarianism of a system by which”specialists” can reevaluate parents is underscored by a police warning that they were”observation” social media articles regarding Alfie.

Alfie’s case is not only an example of the dangers of allowing authorities to usurp parental authority or the failures of socialized medicine.It indicates the logical effect of the widespread endorsement of the concept that rights are mere privileges bestowed by government. It follows from this notion that rights can be taken away whenever demanded by government officials or the popular will.

Obviously, most western politicians deny they believe rights come from government. They rather claim that government must place”reasonable” limitations on rights to progress important policy goals, such as restricting the right to free speech to protect certain groups from hate language, or limiting property rights to promote economic equality. However, a right by its nature can’t be restricted or abolished and be a right.

This disdain for a true comprehension of rights is found among both liberals and conservatives. Both encourage a welfare-warfare state-funded via the theft of income taxes and the indirect theft of inflation. Both support jailing people for nonviolent activities like drinking milk.

Many politicians, regardless of ideology, support limitations on parental rights like mandatory vaccination laws. While claiming to support the right to existence, most modern liberals not merely support legalized abortion, they want to induce pro-lifers to fund abortion providers.”

So my family members that don’t currently have health care have to leave the county and become a citizen in a different country and then slip back into US (California) in order to receive free healthcare.

Adding to that matter, earlier this year Steve Westly, former California control and Calpers board member — director of the largest public pension fund in the US, made a stunning admission. Westly revealed that the $350 billion California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) is almost insolvent making either reform or bailout necessary in the very near future.

The problem lately came to light when the $350 billion California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) created a”relatively small change” in its amortization policy.

Especially, the CalPERS board voted to alter the period for recouping future investment declines in 30 years to 20 years. While on paper that may not sound like much, the truth is this could force the California state government together with thousands of local authorities and school districts to significantly increase their mandatory contributions to the gigantic trust fund in an effort to keep it independent and funded.

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