Breaking: The Evidence Was Destroyed By McCabe

A new report is asserting, McCabe altered then destroyed the first signs used to bill Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI.

As reported by

Reports are now circling that not merely did tainted former FBI Head McCabe alter the 302 concerning the interview with General Flynn that later was used to get Flynn fired and indicted by the corrupt Mueller team, McCabe and his corrupt gang also ruined the supporting documentation for the 302.

Internet sleuths are again at it. New reports are out imagining that corrupt and fired former FBI Head McCabe ruined evidence that General Flynn was innocent and did not lie to FBI agents when questioned shortly after the 2017 Inauguration.

Some on the free Web (i.e. not the MSM) also point out that one of Mueller’s gang, Andrew Weissmann, did the same thing years back in the government’s case against Enron.

No wonder corrupt DOJ Deputy AG Rosenstein is not providing these records to the Senate. They have all been ruined. Also, Mueller’s team may not be doing exactly the same that was arranged by Judge Sullivan at the Flynn case. This might appear to be reasons to drop charges against Flynn.

That is huge and may be the real reason that McCabe is requesting immunity. If we see the charges against Michael Flynn get lost we will understand the reason .

Featured Image Source H/T: TheGatewayPundit

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