North Korean Media Goes Rogue – the Truth is Out!

Oh boy, boy , was this week full of extreme events.

Most were probably too busy with the actual Trump-Kim summit to understand that there were some odd happenings in North Korea itself.

For instance, while North Korean media didn’t pay much attention whatsoever the to Trump assembly, it did extensively cover Kim Jong-Un’s trip to Singapore.

And that is kind of odd.

You see, the North Korean program generally closely controls all presentations of foreign countries and cities in order to maintain the illusion (lie) that North Koreans live in the world’s premier paradise.

They would not want folks realizing that individuals in different nations have it WAY better.

Therefore it was pretty shocking for North Korea’s state-controlled media to be showing photographs and video clips of Kim strolling through Singapore, which is WAY more prosperous than anywhere in North Korea.

They even quoted Kim calling Singapore”clean and lovely,” and admitting that his nation has a great deal to learn from the affluent southeast Asian city-state.

Are we witnessing the start of the end of one of the world’s most repressive regimes?

Featured Image Source H/T: ConservativePost

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