Reporter Stunned By What She Caught Melania Doing In Private While Following Her For Months

She appears to have been after the first lady, as a reporter, for quite some time and is presently giving folks a closer look at exactly what Melania could be like privately. This is just one but many glimpses into the life span of Melania, as informed by the particular reporter covering her.

Roger’s clarified:

“By Melania’s energy in photographs and memes, individuals have really cast her on social media as chilly and modelesque and icy. In person, she’s much warmer.

But she’s a Trump and she supports her husband at a lot of things that would infuriate people. She smiles fairly easily, and she’s a sense of humor. I really do think she has her own ideas about her part in life, but we’re still trying to discover them.”

She also later added that Melania is no passive partner and will defend herself vigorously if she believes she has to.

Rogers stated Melania is a hot person and went on to include more about her private life.

“About the First Lady’s (very small) circle of trust:
that I think that it’s important to be aware that the East Wing is obviously fairly locked down. Therefore, that part is not really unusual. She relies really heavily on her aides, including her manager of communications, Stephanie Grisham, to control the message.

Stephanie is responsive, but if you ask her something that veers into anything that’s considered private, her office can lash out. That is a little unusual — which they do not always affirm in which the First Lady is.

On what it was like reporting on Melania’s 25-day lack:
There’s been a very long-peddled concept that she does not really live at the White House. Her staff is actually well-aware of these theories because they get questions about it and they are tuned into what people are saying on social media. I mean, there are a number of long-running theories which are not mad, but they persist.

And her lack has added into the list of items that we think about her or feel like we will need to know about her. I think what is very important to understand about the First Lady is that folks have a tendency to form an opinion regarding her based on what they think of the presidency itself.

On Melania’s very restricted return to the public:
When I saw that she was likely to be at an event which was closed to the press, I thought two things: The White House was probably easing her back to the public eye.

They knew that she would be in photographs and that she’d control the message. In any other White House, I believe using a First Lady who has essentially been out of the public eye for so long with so few updates would be the biggest story. But this isn’t a typical White House.

On her best bet for Melania’s disappearance:
I’ve talked to people that are close to the presidentand I believe that as the curiosity around her grew, the East Wing dug in and said they are not likely to put her out in people or discharge statements to establish a point.

I don’t have any guesses, but I do know that the longer you press her office and the more interest mounts around her, the less likely she’s going to comply with this.

About what Melania has learned from Trump:
I think people tend not to keep in mind that she came to the White House with a background of becoming really comfortable behind the scenes.

She’s been content to let her husband type of take the lead, and that I believe she’s been very unapologetic about that.

By Melania’s energy in photographs and memes, people have really cast her on societal media as chilly and modelesque and icy. In person, she’s much sexier.

But she’s a Trump and she supports her husband in a great deal of matters that could infuriate people. She smiles pretty readily, and she’s a sense of humor. I really do think she’s her own ideas about her role in life, but we are still hoping to discover them.

I will say that when she feels things are unjust to her, though, she adopts the Trump strategy of completely punching back.

On the toughest portion of reporting on the White House:
The toughest aspect of the job is your job.

It’s like standing before a tennis-ball machine daily. You think you understand what the narrative is in 9 a.m., and then every three hours, it’s something new, and we are talking about mattresses that are used.

I think Melania is super fascinating in his life, and I think that it’s also wild to her that she is in this position. I think she has really tried to adopt it, but I do not think it has gone as she might have hoped.

I think this job has been really difficult for almost any contemporary First Lady. Michelle Obama really fought with it, but I think she found ways to bring parts of her old life.

She always had a tight circle of friends, so that she found ways to move away with them, and she also launched a stage. I mean, Michelle Obama also confronted a ton of scrutiny, also, but I think as countries become more polarized, there’s not much the First Lady can do with no super scrutinized.

On why the people is so fascinated with the First Lady:
I think there is a massive group of people that isn’t disturbed by [her absence], and thinks that she deserves her privacy. But the president live in taxpayer-funded home, and she’s a public figure in the close of the day.

Also, historically, since someone like Jackie Kennedy, who also really appreciated her solitude, Americans have come to trust that they deserve to know the whereabouts of the First Family.

Americans expect this from individuals who live at the White House, but the president has made it quite clear he’s not likely to conduct the White House as with other presidents have. And that I believe his wife is doing the exact same thing in the East Wing.”

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