Pelosi Calls For ‘Riots Across Country’ After Trump Shocked Her With Nasty Surprise

Nancy Pelosi has gone totally nuts. The aging House Minority Leader is directing the Democrats on the horizon with her absurd behavior and rhetoric.

We have seen Pelosi have brain fades and”senior moments,” but she is now so unhinged, she is calling for rioting throughout the country. It all started when President Donald Trump shocked her with a true nasty surprise. You’ll love this.

There’s nothing like seeing Nancy Pelosi conjure her inner celebrity and depict bogus rage over a non-issue. But, hey, if you are the House Minority Leader of the losing Democratic Party confronting President Donald Trump’s ordinary sense, that is all you can do.

The brand new issue the Democrats are demonstrating outrage over is illegal kids at the boundary”being ripped apart in their parents.” The leftists do one thing right: texting. So, the Democrats, along with their partners in the mainstream media, are on the same page, revealing exactly the exact same rage.

They’ve been yelling and yelling at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and President Donald Trump for 48 hours concerning the”horrendous policy of making illegal alien kids orphans at the boundary ”

In fact that nothing has changed on the border as far as policy goes. Sure, Trump has supported the border patrol agents and motivates them to enforce the legislation, but there aren’t any new laws on immigration because Trump took office, as a result of the Democrats refusing to work with Trump.

A shocking report came out from liberal sources mentioned by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, triggering the snowflakes.

President Trump further set her off once he said that he wouldn’t sign the dreadful immigration bill currently in the House since it did not finance the wall. Well, that’s a no-brainer. When the Democrats are so concerned about the bad orphans at the edge, perhaps they ought to fund the wall.

Why don’t you telephone for riots?

“that I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there’ll be when folks realize this is a policy which they defend,” she explained. “It is a dreadful thing, and I don’t see any potential for laws here.”

Don’t you just love the selective moral outrage coming from a woman and her party that are perfectly fine murdering over 600,000 Americans in the womb every year? Oh, but the children that are poor . Yeah, Pelosi and her Democratic Party would be the greatest hypocrites, yet guess who she just tagged as hypocritical?

If you guessed Trump-supporting Christians, you are correct. Yep, Pelosi really had the gall to call Christians that support the president’s immigration position hypocrites.

“The hypocrisy of the Attorney General to estimate the Bible, the hypocrisy of people of religion in our nation not to clamor for exactly what the administration is doing to end — whether it is to deprive the dreamers of the admiration they deserve or whether its taking babies away from their mothers and fathers,” Pelosi said.

Well, Mexican-American Anna Paulina reacted to Pelosi from the refuge state of California, stating,”You know what really pisses me off as a Latina veteran and as a woman?

Elected officials such as Nancy Pelosi rallying for the minority voteconstantly showing and shooting photos with Mexicans, stating, ‘I support people south of the boundary .’ Yet, they sit there and they then make the most idiotic and unthought-out statements, such as supporting of prohibited MS-13 gang members to maintain them in California.

People are wising upin California. You know that it’s a liberal talking point when you find the leftist press corps go off on Sarah Sanders, crying”she’s a bad parent and does not have any empathy,” since she does not buy into their rhetoric on the illegal kids at the border.

If there are horrible injustices going on at the boundary, then all of Nancy Pelosi must perform as Minority Leader is finance the wall, and Trump will signal that the immigration bill.

However, since the left could not locate the horrendous injustices in the border, once they tried but failed, they resorted to posting fake reports of”children in cages.” One was a child at a protest in a staged photograph, another picture was from the Obama administration.

It’s the California Congresswoman making her very last stand knowing Trump won’t ever budge in registering anything on immigration without funding the wall as Americans are wising up to Pelosi and her Democratic game-playing.

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  1. It is simple, if the illegals do not try to illegally enter AMERICA with their illegal children, they will not be separated. The southern AMERICA countries need to start caring for their people instead of caring about their drug kick backs for allowing the drug industries to operate in their countries. Money may be needed, but so are the people.

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