Ted Cruz Gives Trump An Early Birthday Present—Quite The Gift From His Former Opponent

Once an enemy of Trump’s, Senator Ted Cruz just might be his main ally nowadays, and his gift proves it.

With so much of Congress mired in the swamp, Cruz proves to be one of the couple fighting for Americans.

With the mid-terms heating up, Cruz is on the warpath.

Democrats are eager to claw back a little electricity in D.C. however with Trump’s many successes, it appears very bleak for the leftist regime.

Republicans tend to adore Trump’s MAGA motif, also Ted Cruz, particularly, delivered a handsome birthday gift to the POTUS, in the kind of a list of his major achievements.

And it is more than a little remarkable.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas commended the Trump administration Thursday for seven big victories he said it achieved’for faith, for family — to the values that we share. ‘

He lauded the current presidential administration for making substantial advances for the protection of religious liberty, human rights regarding education and family, the protection of the unborn and overseas policy which reversed Obama-era deals.

Cruz mentioned the Trump administration’s victory regarding the country’s courts with the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch, as well as the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Colorado bakery instance.”

The very first accomplishment was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, who has been instrumental in protecting our rights. We have seen how revolutionary, liberal judges attempt to undermine our country; they would abuse their ability to restrict our Constitutional rights.

But with Gorsuch on the seat, we could rest assured that our First and Second Amendment rights are intact.

Cruz went on to commend Trump’s achievements for the pro-life crowd, too: he reinstated policies which prevent America from funding abortions around the world.

Of course, Cruz commended Trump’s historical tax cuts, and he also said Trump’s repeal of Obamacare’s personal mandate.

All these matters, mind you, Trump promised during his campaign. Imagine this: a president who makes good on his word! We haven’t seen that in a little while, have we?

Democrats’ only platform is hatred against Trump, but it’s likely to blow up in their faces. When voters see conservatives fighting to assist them, they will ditch Democrats in a heartbeat.

And now it’s your turn to want Donald a Happy Birthday!

Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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