Trump Reveals ‘Present’ Melania Gave Him For His B-Day, Leaves Reporter Blushing

It appears the most clear president in history. . .err I mean that the most scandal-free president. . .err I mean. . .Obama, full of scandal, lies, and ethically void, along with the most jagged Secretary of State in the foundation of America again walk away unscathed, uncharged, and unjailed.

Back in 2015 when the Obama program was in power, Obama told America a story. In that bill of goods he offered the American people, Obama claimed he only learned that his very own Secretary of State, the notorious Hillary Clinton was illegally using a private email server to run the job of the country after The New York Times printed a story saying so.

This is Obama at March 2015, telling CBS News his whopping occupation of fiction, he had no thought Hillary was breaking the law using a personal, unsecured email host to run public organization.

‘The exact same time everybody else discovered it through news reports,’ the president educated Plante.

Mr. Obama’s remarks follow a long week of press scrutiny surrounding Hillary Clinton’s individual email address and also the’home-brewed’ server that hosted it.

‘The policy of my administration would be to encourage transparency, which explains exactly why my mails, the BlackBerry I take around, those records are available and archived,’ Mr. Obama said’ I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those mails relating to official company need to be revealed’

Obama, as with other high-level police officers, used a pseudonym for his username in his own official government email accounts” The report explicitly says he had direct contact with her through that email address.

It seems there were very telling and very clear explanations for why Hillary was never going to be charged for any crime, breaking American federal security or otherwise, and now we understand why. Obama used a pseudonym that not even Huma Abedin understood, so it was very secure….or something.

Meanwhile, the press continues to attack present President Donald Trump attempting to spin and spin and spin some more the conclusions drawn in this IG report and minumize that the substantial amount of corruption shown.

The phony, d**d-end Russian collusion investigation proceeds unabated despite being proven to be based on false evidence and false pretenses. After more than a year of analysis and countless millions of American taxpayer dollars, they have YET to prove any wrongdoing whatsoever on the part of President Trump.

The Federalist accounts —

It had been in 2015 that Obama had disclaimed knowledge that Clinton used a personal, rather than government, email address.

In 2016, while drafting a public statement explaining why the FBI wouldn’t violate Clinton during her run for the presidency, Comey changed the statement’s wording to conceal that Obama had communicated with Clinton through her personal email address, ” the report says.

‘A paragraph [at Comey’s announcement ] summarizing the elements that led the FBI to assess it was possible that hostile actors obtained Clinton’s server was added, and in a single point referenced Clinton’s use of her private email to a market with then President Obama while at the territory of a foreign adversary,’ the IG report states. ‘This reference later has been shifted into’another senior government official,’ and finally was omitted.'”

Obama understood about Hillary’s secret e-mail strategy, because she emailed him using her private address”while at the land of a foreign adversary.”

It appears the scandal-free, therefore very transparent former president had his title scrubbed from James Comey’s report on Hillary.

Sean Davis claims in a succession of tweets –“Obama understood about Hillary’s secret email strategy, because she emailed him with her private address”while at the land of a foreign adversary.”

Obama understood about Hillary’s secret email plot, since she e-mailed him using her private address”while in the territory of a foreign adversary.”

Davis proceeds with another tweet stating –“The IG found that Obama was”one of those 13 people with whom Clinton had immediate contact using her clintonemail[.] Com accounts.” Now we know why Clinton wasn’t likely to be charged with anything associated with her covert email scheme.”

The IG found that Obama had been”among those 13 individuals with whom Clinton had immediate contact using her clintonemail[.] Com accounts” We realize why Clinton was not going to be charged with anything related with her secret email strategy.

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