Trump’s Announcement To America About What He Really Wants For His B-Day Leaves Dems Disgusted

Things have changed considerably in the past year and a half. The small things are now completely different and in ways, normal.

After having one of the very prosperous months in his period as presidentyesterday was President Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday. And what did he do?

He worked all day, but in the morning he walked out about the stunning White House lawn to talk to FOX and Friends sponsor Steve Doocy for around a half an hour.

The extended conversation covered everything from Russia and James Comey all the way to exchange and NAFTA.
However, what was perhaps the most telling portion of the entire conversation was President Trump’s response when asked what he wanted for his birthday. He just looked at Steve and said:

“All I want for my birthday would be for America to be prosperous.” That remark might have caused a controversy amongst many members of the Democrat Party, as there are a couple of particular men and women that are exceptionally against President Trump and his achievements.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember what President Trump has realized. Here are some of his greatest accomplishments so far, as provided by The Hill.

Regrettably, some of the achievements might have irritated a few members of the Democrat Party since the list contains items that may be considered rolling things down done by former President Barack Obama. Many of Obama’s supporters may not concur with a few things on this list.

However, President Trump wants America to be successful and this is his way of making that occur during his period as President of the USA. With the economy and unemployment doing well, it seems like Trump’s plans are working really well for Americans.

“1. The tax-cut bill

2. Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court

3. Roll-back of regulations

4. The travel ban

5. Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel

6. Withdrawal from Paris climate deal

7. Pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

8. Roll-back of some of Obama’s Cuba policies

9. Moving to repeal Obama’s net neutrality rules

10. Fighting — and further degrading — ISIS

Largely following Obama’s plan, Trump dealt significant blows to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, forcing the terrorist team to escape from both self-declared capitals: Mosul and Raqqa, located in Iraq and Syria, respectively.

Trump also expanded the army’s authority to carry out air strikes in the Middle East, a variable some specialists credit because of his government’s progress against terrorism from the area.”

President Trump each and every day demonstrates he loves America. He works on his birthday, exactly like the majority of us need to do, and he loves his country as well.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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