Breaking: She Just Defied Trump’s Order

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has allegedly defied President Trump’s fantasies and has awarded grants to Sanctuady Cities.

According to

So-called refuge cities are allegedly among the nations and localities awarded $1.7 billion in grants by President Trump’s Homeland Security secretary.

Three unidentified sources told McClatchy that numerous refuge cities have been awarded grants, a move which goes against Trump’s continued claims to cut funding to those cities, which provide protections to immigrants without legal standing and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

“She’s famous for intentionally ignoring warnings that her choices aren’t in keeping with the president’s schedule, but she proceeds aggressively and only misrepresents what she’s doing.”

The report comes after reports of clashes between Trump and Nielsen. Trump once allegedly berated her in front of other Cabinet officials, prompting her to almost resign.

Maybe it is really time for Kirstjen Nielsen to resign. She clearly does not possess the fortitude to stay with what her Commander and Chief’s mission.

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