INCREDIBLE: Trump’s Done It Again!

President Trump’s got a lot of milestones since taking office less than two years back.

But one that’s really beginning to stand out is his capacity to free Americans held captive in a number of the worst nations in the world.

This weekend, Trump did it when Joshua Holt returned into the United States following two decades as a hostage at Venezuela.

Holt went there in 2016 to wed a Mormon girl. But he was immediately arrested and imprisoned on charges of being the CIA’s”leading spy on Latin America.”

Unsurprisingly, Obama failed to get Holt released.

Last month, Trump turned up the heat on President Nicolas Maduro for running a”dictatorship” and also for carrying Holt as a”hostage.”

Following days of frenzied back-channel diplomacy, Holt found himself in the White House, safe and sound back in the usa.

“I’m just so thankful for what you guys have done,” Holt told President Trump along with the other officials involved with procuring his release. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Featured Image Source H/T: NYPost

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