Melania Making Sudden Unexpected Trip During Ongoing Recovery That Will Infuriate Michelle Obama

A date with the Queen of England?

First Lady Melania Trump is set to meet Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom next month. The prior version from Slovenia, 48, is expected to include President Donald Trump on his upcoming trip to the UK in mid-July. This is President Trump’s first visit to Britain in a formal capacity.

That is Melania’s first plane trip since her sudden kidney surgery in mid-May and the presidential couple is expected to satisfy Her Majesty at Windsor Castle.

The first couple is expected to remain in the US Ambassador’s residence of Winfield House in Regent’s Park in the funds for the length of the stay.

Reports the President and the First Lady will be respected by Britain’s oldest regiment, No 7 Business of the Coldstream Guards, during their visit. The regiment has served in virtually every major battle as the War for Southern Independence or the Civil War.

It’s considered Mr and Mrs Trump will be honoured by No 7 Company of the Coldstream Guards, Britain’s oldest regiment, pictured being scrutinized by the Queen at Windsor Castle at 2012

It is considered the President and Mrs. Trump will be respected by No 7 Business of the Coldstream Guards, Britain’s oldest regiment, pictured being inspected by the Queen at Windsor Castle at 2012 Photo credit — Daily Mail

There is anticipated to be a photo shot with Her Majesty for the First Couple.

The upcoming British invasion from the First Couple is guaranteed to leave former First Lady Michelle Obama steaming mad. Throughout her time as First Lady, Michelle spent far more time hobnobbing with the rich and famous and trying to befriend royalty and members of the Hollywood elite than she did about helping actual, functioning Americans.

Well, as most of us know Michelle conducted herself more as though she believed herself to be royalty, rather than the First Lady of a Constitutional Republic with a mantra of”For the People, By the People” though maybe more of the Marie Antionette number telling everyday Americans to”EAT CAKE!”

Contrary to Michelle, Melania exhibits grace and class. She is much beloved of the American people. She has been missed through her lengthy absence from the public eye due to her unexpected surgery and subsequent 5-day hospital remain at Walter Reed Medical Center. Detractors and haters have used Melania’s disease to stoke the rumor mill that Melania and President Trump had split.

Rest assured, I am here in the @WhiteHouse w / family, feeling excellent, & working hard on behalf of children & the American people!”

Her first public appearance following the operation was on June 5, some 27 days later she vanished from the public eye. The June 5 look was in a reception for military families who have lost a relative in activity. She was also seen the Following Day in Washington, D.C. at a briefing from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on hurricane preparedness.

The First Couple appeared as strong as ever, together with President Trump introducing”our great First Lady” and saying –“She moved through a little rough patch but she is doing good.” The room burst into applause and President Trump added as he reached out to touch his wife’s hand –“The people love you… thank you, honey.”

She’s been cleared and looks forward to the upcoming July 13 excursion with President Trump to fulfill the Queen, despite the angst of all liberals.

Melania has proven many times to be a gracious, genuinely warm woman and has served her husband well in her capacity as First Lady, as evidenced by her reception in last year’s whirlwind tour of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Melania commented of the trip –“It’s been a fantastic trip and several strides have been made. My husband worked very hard on behalf of our nation and I am pleased with him. This trip has also been incredible for me since the First Lady.”

Previous visits by the First Couple into the United Kingdom have been canceled following fears of mass protests, but this occasion seems to be going ahead.

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