Bill Clinton Just Blindsided President Trump With Nasty Father’s Day Surprise, Trump Won’t Hold Back

And like a really bad case of Herpes, the Clintons simply can’t seem to vanish and they keep popping up!

This time everyone’s favorite alleged sexual predator and former president Bill”BJ” Clinton simply could not keep his mouth shut on social media.

It is so pleasant to find that after all of the sexual scandals Bill Clinton is a component of the entire family still supports him, sort of heartwarming in a way, don’t you think? Especially after the world renowned Monica Lewinsky scandal and many others.

But what’s perhaps more interesting is the way Bill Clinton appears to have an problem with the rule of law today but had no issue whatsoever when he delivered in armed troops to remove Elian Gonzales from his family’s home back in 2000.

Here’s a chronology of the Elian Gonzalez saga via PBS:

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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