For Trump’s Birthday, Justice Department Announces Long-Awaited Present For Him

For a long time we have had to put up with all the injustice of this Democrat”Russian probe” This probe hasn’t proven a thing against President Trump.

We have, however, learned quite a bit about exactly what the last government was up to.

Under Obama, the Justice Department and FBI attempted to overthrow Trump’s campaign. With their fake Russian hoaxthey obtained warrants and occasion sent spies to find dirt. Their hopes were to find something that they could use against Trump. All to steal the election for Hillary.

Trump has talked about this”Spygate,” a scandal that is shaping up to be worse than Watergate. Democrats were scrambling to cover up their crimes. However, things are occurring. And the fact is coming .

Today we’ve learned that major news is going to be released, all on Trump’s birthday.

President Trump will Find an additional gift on his birthday next Thursday…

The Justice Department advised the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that its report on ex-FBI manager James Comey and the agency’s probe into Hillary Clinton will be published on June 14 — the president’s 72nd birthday.

Trump, That Has Been pushing the point that the feds illegally spied on his campaign — an allegation he calls”SPYGATE” on Twitter — hopes that the report will conclude that Comey and the FBI acted improperly to damage his campaign…

The report was expected to slam Comey for insubordination for going over the mind of Attorney General Loretta Lynch at July 2016 when he announced that Clinton was careless but would not be prosecuted.

He abused his authority. We do not know for sure why. Throughout the election, he held a press conference that exonerated Hillary Clinton–although she broke the law. Later, before the election, he reopened the situation –a movement that liberals asserted cost her the election.

While FBI director, Comey frequently defied the people he served. He had been insubordinate, even toward Obama. Comey had the audacity to call President Trump a liar–despite having any proof to back the accusation.

Clearly, the mainstream media wants to downplay its impact. However, there’s a really real probability that we will discover some of the misdeeds of the former FBI director. It was obvious that he –and many others–used false information as an excuse to ruin Trump’s campaign.

This is another step in uncovering the dirty deeds of the last government. America is going to learn precisely exactly what the Democrats attempted to do to destroy our nation.

Things are going to get really interesting.

Featured Image Source H/T: NYPost

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