JUST IN: Trump Just Made Huge Announcement About Sarah Sanders After What She Did

Just a few days ago CBS News broke with the audacious claim that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is planning to leave the Trump administration in the end of the year.

CBS News reports — “Press secretary Sarah Sanders and chief deputy press secretary Raj Shah are heading to the exits, according to sources within the White House and near the administration. Sanders, who is now a confidante of President Trump since the departure of former communications manager Hope Hicks, has told friends she intends to leave the administration at the end of the year”

Late Night talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert picked up about the story and ran with it. Kimmel chose a more inventive take on the accounts, imagining how Sanders would behave back home when she earns a”Huckabee-line from this White House.”

At a clip titled “Mommin’ with Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” three kids (who perform Sanders’ own) interact with their mother, who responds in bits pulled directly from her press conferences.

“Can we play our iPads?” A girl says.

“My guess would be no,” Sanders says. “I will take one final question”

“But we washed our rooms,” another child states.

“I know it’s hard for you to understand even short paragraphs, I guess,” she continued, before walking off. “Thanks so much guys, have a fantastic day.”

Sanders took to social media to slam another”Fake News” incident. She tweeted –“Does @CBSNews understand something that I don’t concerning my plans and my own future? I had been at my daughter’s year-end Kindergarten occasion and they ran a story about my”plans to leave the WH” without even talking to me.

When asked directly about the possibility of Sanders departing the White House, President Trump said that everyone finally leaves but Sanders was not currently planning to achieve that.

President Trump stated in reaction — “I do not think so. And look, at a specific stage, everybody sort of leaves, you have to leave. I am kind of just staying, I’m like a boat — only keep going. However, Sarah loves this task, and she’s declared not with me. I read the identical report.

Somebody put out it, I think it was CBS, which she said is a false record. It news. But, sooner or later, I’m sure she will leave, like everyone leaves, and we are going to get someone else. Sarah has done a fantastic job. I don’t think she’s leaving. In reality, she was really insulted they came out and stated that. Therefore, I really don’t think she is leaving.”

Sanders is best known for the American public for running the White House daily briefing.

Sanders fields questions from the media at a televised performance in which without so much as raising her voice, she manages to deflect questions, flatly contradict fallacy and fake news and throw a wet blanket on the mainstream media propagandists with the countless fires they create in their efforts to tear down the Trump government.

From many reports, President Trump has grown to trust and enjoy Sanders hugely thanks in no small part to her unwavering, relentless advocacy on his behalf.

Known for her no-nonsense, direct approach Sanders does not suffer fools. Bred in politics in the cradle as the daughter of former Arkansas governor and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, she also served as the area director for her father’s 2002 gubernatorial reelection effort. Furthermore, she was also the national political director for his 2008 presidential campaign and also headed his 2016 presidential bidding.

Mike Huckabee told Fox News of his daughter when talking of her formative years –“I always say that when most kids are seven or eight years old out jumping rope, she had been sitting at the kitchen table listening to [political commentators] test poll outcomes .”

After Huckabee’s choice to withdrawal in the 2016 Republican main race in February 2016, Sanders then signed on as a senior advisor to the Trump campaign. She later would become a regular spokesperson.

She also served as the principal deputy press secretary at the White House and then for a time shared press briefing responsibilities with Press Secretary Sean Spicer before finally being rewarded with the place because her own upon Spicer’s resignation.

Business Insider stated of Sanders –“Her job on several Republican politicians’ efforts landed her Time’s 40 Under 40 list in 2010, alongside other top political minds, including Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Nick Ayers, that was selected this week to become Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff.

In her Time interview, Sanders called her father her political”inspiration,” and commended President Barack Obama for fixing what she said was the most overlooked problem confronting the nation: kids that are’victims of broken families'”

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