Meghan & Her Dad Busted! Prince Harry Blasts Their Trump Hatred In Shocking Statement

Most men and women believe Meghan Markle really has Prince Harry whipped, but his shocking dialogue with his wife’s dad, Thomas Markle, has been exposed, and it is really off her.

Thomas Markle shouldn’t understand the British Royal Family are not permitted to make their political preferences known publicly. But putting that aside, we sure are glad Meghan’s father, who continues to screw-up, shed light on his personal conversation with Prince Harry.

Piers Morgan got the exclusive interview with Thomas Markle, who is a rabid Trump-hater like his daughter. He answered questions on politics, and now we know where Meghan gets her leftist views.

The Daily Mail reports, “The 73-year-old described his grief about pulling out only 3 days before he was due to walk his daughter down the aisle because of heart surgery and confessed that he had been jealous but grateful that Prince Charles stepped in.”

They add, “In a world exclusive interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain he disclosed Meghan sobbed when he informed her he had been staying at the US — and he cried because he watched his’beautiful’ daughter marry Harry in Windsor on a small color TV in a Californian B&B.”

Mr. Markle was paid a “few thousand pounds” for the tell-all interview with Good Morning Britain, and Meghan’s dad chose to do it because he wanted to”set the record straight,” host Piers Morgan revealed afterward.

Well, he actually shocked the palace by discussing this personal conversation. In fact, the British press is excoriating him for not phoning Kensington Palace to receive their permission. They would have warned him under no circumstances was he to examine political issues.

Piers said to Markle,”on your very first conversation with Prince Harry, you had an argument about Donald Trump since you had been in a horrible mood about something Trump had done, and Harry was attempting to placate you.”

Markle answered,”Well, I always have a poor attitude about Donald Trump, and that is never going to change. I have to apologize to the rest of the world for the president. All Harry actually said was,’Give Trump a chance.'”

That revelation is explosive if you believe Markle was actually whining like a huge snowflake into Harry, who would have easily agreed with his upcoming father-in-law or said nothing at all. But the fact he chose to defend Trump, going against anything idiotic leftist bullcrap Markle was complaining about, shows Harry doesn’t have qualms about standing up to Mr. Markle or Meghan over their leftist viewpoints.

If this was the only major revelation, you could argue it doesn’t imply Prince Harry is a Trump supporter, but if you couple that with the other explosive political announcement Harry made, there is no doubt that Meghan isn’t swaying her husband to the left.

In reality, on her Instagram accounts, she published a photo which explained,”If EU leave me you take away the biggest part of me”

Clearly, Meghan was contrary to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. This issue called”Brexit” was voted on June 23, 2016, and it was a shocking upset to the globalist when British taxpayers affirmed they wanted out of the EU.

So when Meghan’s dad told Piers Morgan the prince said he is”available to Brexit,” it seemed to disgust Mr. Markle. Then he realizes he’s probably making somewhat of a mistake and attempts to walk it back, saying,”You know this is just two guys talking politics.”

He also confirmed that he and the prince have”spoke a few times about politics” Hey, if Prince Harry did not like Trump and was against Brexit, that could have come out in this interview.

It is pretty apparent that Meghan Markle acquired all her extreme leftist views from daddy. This man could possibly be living in some hellhole in Mexico, but he sure got brainwashed from the Hollywood audience.

Bear in mind, once upon a time, he worked as a lighting director for shows like Married with Children. Harry’s father-in-law really screwed up with this interview, and it’s no wonder that the Queen refused to give him his very own coat of arms.

In addition, it is eye-opening once you think about Harry’s connection with Meghan. Most people believed Meghan’s views would influence Harry. Much has been made about the prince so-called relationship with Barack Obama, also.

But now we understand not only is he not a Trump-hater, he is rooting for Brexit, also it seems Prince Harry is not getting run over by any of the radical leftists, especially not by Meghan or her large mouthed father.

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