Caitlyn Outrages Family On Father’s Day With Life-Changing News Just 3Yrs Later – Congrats?

Father’s day has been recently celebrated and it might have been a very odd weekend for Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic legend who had been previously called Bruce Jenner.

Caitlyn’s household may have received a little information which some people could consider quite controversial in regards to Jenner’s family , dating, and a potential new surprise.

Only a short few years after his transition to her, the reality star has some new rumors that we are simply attempting to put a finger on.

Jenner is allegedly dating a much younger lady and now they’re rumored to be maybe starting a family! Could you imagine the shock when the Kardashian’s and rest of the Jenner’s figure out if this is true or not?

First of all, Caitlyn is 68-years-old. Caitlyn’s alleged girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins, is 47-years-younger at a mature 21. She is also being listed as a student in transition.

It is being reported that Sophia enjoys kids. Since Cait has plenty of experience raising children, they may consider starting a family together. Some consider it somewhat odd due to the age difference.

Caitlyn has children around the same age as her girlfriend, so there is always that awkwardness. Just imagine the discussions during holiday dinners when Cait’s enthusiast and kids are all the same age. This could be the ideal setup for another reality television series!

Hollywood Life reported:

“Will Caitlyn Jenner and her rumored girlfriend Sophia Hutchins begin a family? A source claimed to Radar Online that a baby might be at the cards in the not too distant future. “Jenner’s always wanted to be a mommy, and today, that’s a real chance,” Radar Online’s source revealed. “Sophia loves kids and has been providing Cait small hints that she’s interested in a infant. Cait’s considering it.”

“[Sophia] has always desired to be a mother and raise a little girl and have the chance to perform fun, girly things like get her hair and nails done together and take her shopping for her prom dress,” the source went on to say.

“Cait’s made it clear to Sophia she doesn’t want the baby to have anything to do with television or reality TV. Fame has destroyed Cait’s relationship with her grown kids and she is not letting that happen again if she and Sophia adopt” We reached out to Caitlyn’s rep who has denied Radar Online’s accounts also called it a”complete fabrication”.

Lately, Caitlyn was murdered by her ex Linda Thompson for overlooking Brody Jenner’s marriage. Together with posting a Nihi Sumba Resort, Linda wrote in the caption,”Here is the gorgeous place where @brodyjenner & @kaitlynn got married! Yes, it’s on the other side of the world… But I would have gone to the moon and back to share in the joy of my darling son & his beautiful bride getting married!

What is next for Caitlyn and Sophia? Nobody knows for certain, but the rumor mill will keep swirling as all eyes are always on Caitlyn Jenner as it concerns the paparazzi. The photogs don’t appear to get much rest after the 68-year-old around, and in the age, the movement might not be as fast as it had been when Jenner was beating individuals in the Olympics!

Is that too old for someone to increase a baby? What is your opinion on this?

At this rate, Caitlyn was mid 40’s and Sophia was born yet. Some say age is merely a number, but if there are just four years in years between two lovers, then that might be pushing the buttons a bit.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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