Hillary & Oprah Attack Trump Using Bible, President’s Brutal Surprise Shuts Their Mouths

Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey are teaming up to Assault President Donald Trump as “Hitler” quoting the Bible verses in a perverse way.

The false issue is the”bad illegal children in cages in the boundary,” and their lies are so sick as they back up them using all the words of Jesus Christ. The president simply shut their mouths with a brutal surprise patriotic Americans will cheer.

The swamp is coordinating this attack, hoping the American people will think our president has initiated a draconian policy that”rips children from the parent’s arms at the border”

Look, nobody needs children ripped away from their own parents. However, like all things involving the Democratic Party and the Hollywood crowd, they’ll lie and, today, even quotation Jesus Christ in the Bible to ensure Trump is depicted as Adolf Hitler.

Rush Limbaugh addressed this dilemma on his Monday broadcast. “This kids and families being split at the boundary? It’s an entirely fabricated crisis — it’s entirely manufactured,” Limbaugh said. “This was going on for decades. It happened during the Obama government. “This is about asylum seekers, folks. It is about people attempting to invade our nation, not emigrate here.”

The media and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say that the practice isn’t right and the Trump government is using children as a bargaining chip to force stricter immigration legislation.

“Made to order, this manufactured crisis, somehow [President] Donald Trump is heartless, that Republicans are heartless, they want to bust up families,” Limbaugh said. “I’d like to tell you who has been dividing families: The Democrats,” he boldly declared.

“You might also say that Planned Parenthood is excelling at dividing households, couldn’t you? You want to talk about dividing families, look no farther than the temples of Planned Parenthood.”

So, the fact is being covered up, and Hillary Clinton decided to utilize Jesus Christ to do it. It is sick considering this despicable woman backs abortions in the third trimester. Clinton stated,”What is happening to families in the edge is horrific. Nursing babies being ripped away from their mothers… You know, I cautioned about this during the debates and on the campaign trail that Trump’s immigration policies could result in families being split.”

She then hammered Trump and Americans on her ethics. “I went to plenty of years of Sunday school. I taught it from time to time. And, what is being done using the name of faith is contrary to everything I was taught. Jesus said,’suffer the little children unto me.’ He did not say, let the kids suffer. So, the evaluation of any nation is the way we handle the most vulnerable people,” Clinton said.

Hillary went on to lie some more, comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler and making bogus claims about the migrant offense in Germany. “The president’s effort now to overthrow fear of immigrants, not only in our country but across the world, by claiming that migrants in Germany are causing offense. Actually — I know not everybody pays attention , or even likes to hear facts, but I am still kind of dedicated to them in actuality, crime in Germany is still at its lowest level since 1992.”

Anybody who sees what has gone on in Germany and Western Europe together with all the migrants invading and turning whole sections into Sharia-compliant areas, as well as the numerous rapes and strikes of taxpayers, and says there isn’t any impact, is lying and is doing this in a really dangerous manner. The Daily Signal outlines that, not only is Hillary obscuring the truth, Trump is proper.

Then, there are the idiots in the Hollywood crowd who parrot Clinton’s mock outrage using”God” and the Bible, thick using their very own special lies about Trump. Oprah is opening her mouth about Christian ethics, but she’s another big lover of abortions. She tweeted,”Babies torn from their parents. Can not stand it! Will be seeing @GayleKing along with her colleaques [sic] LiVE from Texas. @CBSThisMorning 7am.”

Little children in cages is a powerful image. Yet, these pictures are out of Barack Obama’s presidency, not Donald Trump’s, when Obama rang the dinner bell at the edge with his devastating DACA program. That signaled Latinos in Mexico and South America to bring their kids to the border — unaccompanied.

That’s right. They compensated coyotes, placing their beloved kids in the hands of criminals, hoping that, when their children”got in,” they, as their family members, would subsequently be welcomed beneath”chain migration” Their celebration is losing badly, and they had something, anything, to offset Trump’s numerous wins.

Well, the president refuses to play their match. Trump tweeted,”Democrats would be the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can not win on their terrible policies, so they see them as potential voters”

Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and desire illegal immigrants, however bad they could be, to pour into and infest our Country, such as MS-13. They can not win on their policies that are horrible, so they see them as potential voters!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 19, 2018

Nowthese idiots have dried off Trump. He’s sick of those lies, so he just delivered a brutal surprise. Politico reported Tuesday that Trump is uninterested from the Senate’s plan to provide $1.6 billion on Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Rather, according to the news outlet, he wants the entire $25 billion for the job funded all at one time.

Yep, Hillary, Oprah, and their useful idiots in the mainstream press have pushed Trump too far. Now, he is annihilating them. As their hypocritical stances and lies are exposed, with the truth on his side, Trump just made it clear: His job is to protect America and Americans. Illegal aliens are not his priority. There are not any children in cages, and he will not be held hostage with their fake outrage over something that they conjured up hoping to ruin him.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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