Outraged Texans Aren’t Taking It Anymore, Building Huge Surprise At Border Now For Incoming Criminals

I have been ranting about the facilities provided for illegal immigrant children that are separated from their parents or caretakers weekly. The ones in buildings look like dormitories with soft, clean single beds.

They have hot meals, clean clothes, medical care and are taught English and other studies. They have chores and are allowed several hours of play time each day.

The typical stay for these kids, while their parents have been adjudicated, is three months. It’s hardly a concentration camp and these kids are not abused. Please be aware that of those 12,000 children that have come over our edge during this manufactured crisis, 10,000 of them do not have parents together.

But since the crisis deepens and they ship an increasing number of children over as political pawns, police in Texas are running out of space to house the children. A proposal was set forth to home immigrant children in tent cities across the Lone Star state.

Texas is having to babysit thousands of kids while the criminals who are either their parents, wards or traffickers are sent through the legal system.

The kids must go somewhere and they can not be out in the open in this heat. Tent cities aren’t ideal and I would hope that another solution is found. However, at least Texas is tackling the issue… all liberals do is whining and utilizing it as political weaponry.

Texans have had it with this particular insanity and their solutions will probably come as a surprise for incoming illegal aliens who are only criminals.

Leftists have a field day with this you can imagine. Which is funny because this began under Bill Clinton in 1996. A further law imposing it was signed by George W. Bush in 2008 and Barack Obama kicked it into high gear.

Under his command, children were in cages, tents, and abandoned. President Trump is attempting to clean up this mess and the Democrats are currently dishonestly blaming him for all this.

Approximately 360 kids will be set in the air-conditioned units in the forthcoming days and much more could be added later on, he explained.

“However, state Rep. César Blanco said the move is dehumanizing and tarnishes Texas’ tradition of welcoming immigrants.

“That’s counter to the values not only of boundary communities but America generally. ””

President Trump’s government’s is mulling the idea of using tents to home between 1,000 and 5,000 kids at different military bases across Texas. Officials are evaluating Fort Bliss Army base just outside of El Paso, Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene and Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo as possible sites for in-house home.

The left is blaming Trump’s”zero tolerance” policy towards illegal aliens. As I said before, you may thank Clinton, Bush and Obama for that, not Trump. Congress is hoping to address the issue and Democrats are obstructing a settlement.

The left is furious that all of these coming across the border illegally are being charged with a misdemeanor… well, they are breaking the law. By doing this, under regulations, children entering the USA alongside adults fall under the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s care while those criminal cases are pursued.

The approximately 12,000 children being housed while their guardians are going through the machine are being placed in an present network of 100 shelters in 17 countries that are at around 93 percent capacity.

Make no mistake, this can be a leftist tactic to conquer the boundaries and to induce them to remain open so immigrants and refugees can keep flowing in.

It offers the left with a permanent voter foundation and they’ll do anything to make certain that border remains open. In reality, they have been sending around a recording yesterday where a kid was crying for mommy and daddy.

That kid was not at an ICE detention centre, the kid was at a demonstration and they place him in a cage in which he would cry so they could fabricate more propaganda for all this.

I am sorry, offenders in the US who go to prison are separated from their kids. That is no different and I have no sympathy here for them. I’m not alone in this . “Zero tolerance is essential in this point and time,” said Jessica Vaughan, of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based non-profit research institute which encourages stricter immigration controls.

“It is apparent that the previous policies weren’t doing the trick to deter illegal entry.” It is known as the principle of law… break it and you confront the consequences whether kids are with you or not.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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