Roseanne Devastated After What Hateful Co-Stars Just Did Behind Her Back To Destroy Her Forever

Roseanne Barr seems to be going through tough times after her Twitter event that involved a potentially insensitive joke and a reference to Valerie Jarrett, a girl who used to work for/with former President Barack Obama.

Ever since the controversial Tweet that created a reference to how Jarrett seems and contrasted her physical appearance to that of a personality in Planet of the Apes, it’s seemed to be a delightfully downhill struggle for Roseanne.

She now seems even more devastated after learning what some of her associates/friends utilized her for. It is now appearing, based on some of her latest Tweets, she believes people who knew her had decided to utilize her position to gain their own political points.

In other words, some men and women who understood her as a person appear to have turned for their own political enhancements or whatever outcome they wanted.

Something like that would definitely make anyone feel horrible if they learned that their nearest people have swiped them, even though one believed they understood each other so well. That must be dreadful for Roseanne who can benefit from having a supportive group of people around her as she moves through a possibly career-ending circumstance.

The Daily Caller explained more:

“Roseanne Barr tweeted Tuesday night that she was”saddened” and”stunned” that those who knew her accused her of”being a racist” to score”political points”

“I oppose corrupt regimes which throw gays away buidlings [and] execute rape victims. I oppose BHO [Barack Obama]-VJ’s [Valerie Jarrett’s] pro #R2P [Duty to Safeguard ] [and] their own Iran deal”

“I have corrected my mistake-which was to speak against an immoral regime-Iran, which yells gays off constructions [and] implements rape victims, which Valerie Jarrett empowered, in an unclear fashion,” she added in a second post. “The jobs of my varied team [are] safe today.”

Once the times get tough, then the support and friends should get harder. It’s a shame that ABC canceled Roseanne’s show because she is a character who can thrive off adversary and controversy.

Whenever Roseanne Tweets some thing that folks think might not be politically correct, they are usually the people who don’t watch her show anyway. On the contrary, the individuals who would laugh in her Tweets, regardless of their content, are the exact people who have been driving up the ratings and earning money for ABC.

Was it right for ABC to cancel a show that was doing well simply to please people who were likely not part of the audience anyway? When do television programs draw the line between satisfying their fans and pleasing the men and women who aren’t watching in the first place?

Roseanne has attempted to make things better. She’s asked people not to defend her. She’s also considered giving up any profits that she might have received as a consequence of ABC performing a spinoff with no at the series, a series which we do not believe was confirmed yet.

Even though Roseanne has tried to make things right, she’s still facing the wrath of ABC. She’s millions of fans in America who would like to see her back on the big screen, but the men and women who make decisions at ABC appear to be scared to run using a contentious character.

One might have thought controversy would bring bigger ratings, but it feels like ABC has other programs. Any kind of’Roseanne’ show without Roseanne Barr could just be very embarrassing to watch and likely unbearable. That’s just strange to take the Roseanne out of this’Roseanne.’

Some things just shouldn’t be done.

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