Big White House Resignation Just Announced, Shocked Trump Has Issued Immediate Statement On It

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin, 62, unexpectedly resigned his post now. I had been shocked by the announcement.

He led the advance team for the discussions with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un at Singapore this month on behalf of the White House and President Trump. He will leave his post next month according to the White House.

Hagin served in the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. He says he is coming back to the private industry and his official departure date is July 6. “Joe Hagin has been a huge asset to my government,” President Trump said in a statement that has been released instantly.

“He also planned and implemented the longest and one of the most historic foreign trips ever produced by a President, and he did it all perfectly. We’ll miss him at the workplace and even more on the road. I’m thankful for his outstanding support to our great nation.”

Hagin was also the one who assembled Trump’s first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy a year ago, and his tour of Asia last November.

He was a really important participant in the government and his shoes will be very tough to fill. “Joe Hagin brought a degree of experience and institutional knowledge that’s unrivaled,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “He will be greatly missed by all of us.”

Though many were shocked by the announcement, evidently Hagin wanted to depart a few months past. But White House Chief of Staff John Kelly talked him into staying.

He’s among those power players you never hear of, but one that gets things done. He has three partners and based Command Consulting Group, a bunch of firms that provide intelligence and security assistance to authorities, corporations and wealthy people.

I assume that is the firm he will go back to once he departs the White House. However, others say he is not returning to that company, but is instead looking at other opportunities with different corporations.

“Joe Hagin’s selfless devotion to this nation and the institution of the presidency is unsurpassed. “Joe will be missed at the White House, and I wish him great success and pleasure in the next chapter of his life. ”” Kelly said in a statement.

Hagin was seriously considered for the No. 2 posts in the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Homeland Security, but he decided to leave government service. His portfolio includes supervision of the scheduling and progress staffs, in addition to the army office — such as the replacement jobs for Air Force One and Marine One.

Hagin’s departure will leave chief of staff John Kelly using only one deputy: former Microsoft and General Motors executive Chris Liddell, who’s responsible for coordinating coverage.

Hagin has conducted White House surgeries for President Trump for 17 months, overseeing the daily administration of the presidency despite chaos and upheaval. Not to mention constant media attacks. He is a part of the old guard Republicans. Hagin oversaw the White House Personnel Security Office, which manages security clearances. They’ve had their share of struggles this year.

The press is ratcheting up the rumor mill over Hagin. They estimate’resources’ such as they always do and don’t give names. They are smearing Hagin for all they are worth, which isn’t much and I don’t believe some of it.

Hagin is a portion of the turnover this year for the Trump administration. He was a true asset to the president, but he’s served a long time under different presidents. I am sure the president will locate someone very competent to take his position… it was simply poor timing as much as I could see. However, there’s never a fantastic time for something like this.

A White House official said that after departing Singapore last week, Trump made a rare appearance in the team cabin of Air Force One to commend Hagin for coordinating the Kim summit after which led White House staff at a round of applause for its aide. It was well-earned.

Hagin was recruited into the Trump White House by former chief of staff Reince Priebus to bring a veteran hands to some West Wing who had few experienced veterans.

He’d planned on staying only six months to annually and considered leaving in the spring, but delayed because of planning to the Singapore summit. That is done and he will leave as he reluctantly proposed. I can tell you this, he’ll be missed.

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