JUST IN:Trump Just Received Horrible Life-Changing News Today He Didn’t Deserve

Now, who didn’t see this one coming?

After doing what no world leader had been able to do because the Korean War President Trump was able to secure peace in the Korean Peninsula and officially bringing the war to an end it.

These accomplishments made the President a shoe-in for next years Nobel Peace Prize. But now those hopes came to an end for President Trump when a member the Norwegian Nobel Committee condemned President Trump for the”zero tolerance” immigration policy which has caused the separating of families. He even went as far as to add that the president has been”no more the moral leader of the nation or the world.”

Here is more on this through The Hill:

“A part of the Norwegian Nobel Committee is condemning President Trump for the”zero tolerance” immigration policy that has resulted in separated families, stating that the president is”no more the moral leader of his country or the world.”

“What is happening at the border where he is separating children from their parents is a indication that he’s no longer the moral leader of the country or the world,” Thorbjorn Jagland, who is also the secretary general of a human rights watchdog, Council of Europe, said, according to Agence France-Press.

“He can’t speak on behalf of this so-called free world,” he added.

But Jagland and several other heads of human rights groups have spoken out against Trump this week because of his immigration policy.

Trump is facing outrage from Democratic and Republican lawmakers within the coverage, which led to the separation of roughly 2,000 children in their families from mid-April to the end of May, according to The Associated Press.

The House and Senate are moving ahead with legislation that would finish Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, even though it remains unclear when it may emerge through Congress.

Jagland also stated that the decision to withdraw the U.S. in the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday is just another example that shows Trump”doesn’t wish to become part of international treaties or global cooperation-based organizations.”

However, what all these people calling Trump amoral and Nazi are missing is one simple fact. This legislation has been on the books and implemented since President George W. Bush signed it. In reality, President Barack Hussein Obama had no problem at all in utilizing it in 2014. But back then nobody had an issue with what was occurring. In reality, the liberal mainstream media was 100% silent about it.

Let us compare 2014 to the current catastrophe:

However, Former President Barack Hussein Obama still has his Nobel Peace Prize!

Here is more on this via Breitbart:

Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump were both confronted with the issue of unaccompanied minors and family units following the passing of a law by a Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by President George W. Bush in 2008. The law, intended to curb human smuggling, became a magnet for families and children to the U.S. border.

The Trump Administration couldn’t agree with the Post’s article.

“Once more it’s Congress’s job to change the law.

“And, honestly, this legislation was actually signed into effect in 2008 under her husband’s leadership, not under that administration,” she added. “We are not the one’s responsible for creating this problem; we’ve inherited it. But we are really the first administration stepping up and attempting to fix it.”

Featured Image Source H/T: Breitbart

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