Melania Saw What Happened To Her Staff And Didn’t Hold Back In What She Did To The Flight Crew

Melania Trump does not have a personal staff as big as Michelle Obama’s was, that was an intentional decision she chose to cut back on unnecessary spending.

Operating with a team of professionals who each have a significant purpose, our compassionate First Lady shows sincere gratitude for every person who assists her, realizing that it’s a privilege.

When she saw the way they had been treated lately, Melania responded in a sudden way that our protection for those men and women who help her do her job.

Melania does not talk often unless she has something meaningful or significant to say. She saves her voice for if they matter most, particularly because the liberal media is waiting with baited breath for a chance to twist anything she says or does. Now she stated something which will not soon be forgotten, especially by her whole flight crew who her opinions were directed at.

While Melania is traveling across the globe on her first overseas trip as First Lady, she is on Air Force One just about every day, moving from 1 location to another.

It’s a lot of travel and flight time, which she’s become somewhat used to as she flies frequently while residing in New York, but with First Lady responsibilities in Washington, D.C. With this time at the sky and need to rely on her flight crew she and her staff are dependent on, the group has gotten to understand the personable First Lady and they aren’t just any flight crew.

Melania and her team are transported by the US Army 1-214th Aviation Regiment who have always demonstrated the First Lady and her staff the utmost respect in performing this important job.

This is something which has not gone unnoticed by Melania who likes other people to understand how much they’re valued, instead of simply benefiting from it the chances afforded her such as her predecessor seemed to do.

Even though she is overseas today, Melania hasn’t forgotten about her awesome Army men who she publicly thanked today on Twitter going to this Memorial Day weekend.

She did not need to say a phrase and perhaps nobody could have expected her to, but the fact that she recalled them made a point to thank them for their service to her staff, speaks volumes regarding the unbelievable First Lady we’ve got in the White House.

The gesture wasn’t just well-received by the American public who valued her thoughtfulness into our army, other servicemen and girls saw her social networking message and responded with gratitude.

“Thank You @FLOTUS for symbolizing the USA and creating our Armed Forces PROUD!!

Inevitably, the liberals came out from the comments too, as they always do as soon as FLOTUS posts anything, as they’re waiting for it. One took the chance of seeing the photograph of Melania together with the Army flight team to ask about her husband’s service in an accusatory way, asserting he dodged the draft. A wise citizen responded to it, effectively placing this troll in their location.

“Not functioning does not mean you’re a draft dodger. He enrolled. Lots of guys did and obtained deferments. Some actually left the nation,” the Twitter user wrote.

Our First Lady is proof that immigrants who come to America the ideal way are proud citizens who have a deep admiration for what makes America great, and that starts with our military.

It wasn’t often or ever that the Obamas revealed this type of gratitude for anyone who flew them about firmly. In fact, our former president couldn’t even bring himself to salute soldiers standing out Air Force One or Marine One to welcome him.

We have come a long way at the White House in a short time, together with the Trumps there now who genuinely love this country and respect its own citizens.

Featured Image Source H/T: PSRepublic

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