Obama Just Got BAD News About His Nobel Peace Prize After Committee Denies Trump The Honor

Back in 2009 Barak Obama has been given among the most coveted and prestigious awards a person can receive. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to individuals who stand out for acts of kindness and courage for humanity.

A good example of a worthy recipient would be Mother Teresa, who given the award for her selflessness and kindness work with individuals of Calcutta India. She had been granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she spent over 50 years serving individuals in the slums of Calcutta.

In fact, the 2009 Nobel Peace prize has been the most contentious up to now. Obama beat out many men and women who were certainly worthy recipients of the award.

President Trump has been brought up as the upcoming rightful recipient of the peace prize, due to his historical agreement with North Korea that was decades overdue.

But the prospect of Trump function as the upcoming recipient was squelched today after a committee member said that Trump is no more”moral leader of his nation or the world.” This was predicated on the current immigration controversy.

According to The Hill:

A part of the Norwegian Nobel Committee is condemning President Trump for its”zero tolerance” immigration policy that has resulted in split families, saying that the president is”no more the moral leader of the country or the world.”

“What is happening at the border where he’s separating children from their parents is a indication that he’s no more the moral leader of the nation or the planet,” Thorbjorn Jagland, who’s also the secretary general of a human rights watchdog, Council of Europe, stated, according to Agence France-Press.

It is absurd for Trump to be denied a trophy he earned on a peace agreement Barack Obama was not effective at accomplishing in 8 decades. However, that does not mean he deserves the award that he was seemingly given as a favor.

In Jonathan Turley’s blog post yesterday he wrote, Like many folks, I was highly critical of the awarding of the Nobel Award to President Barack Obama in 2009 before he had done anything as president.

The ex-Secretary for the Nobel Prize Geir Lundestad has admitted that Obama did not deserve the trophy but instead they thought the award would strengthen Obama.

It is a maddening entry the committee bypassed a record of candidates with demonstrated contributions to humanity to give a boost to somebody the Committee just liked. That would seem counter-intuitive but Lundestad merely acknowledged it did not seem to work.

As I discussed at the time, Obama beat out various more worthy candidates such as Dr. Sima Samar who’s an amazingly brave Afghan woman who has risked her life to struggle for the rights of women and girls in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

She has had to flee for her life but has insisted on coming time and time again to treat the poor and fight for women’s rights — in an area where feminists are routinely killed or sprayed with acid by extremists.

Extremists forced out her as Deputy President and afterwards Minister of Women’s Affairs. For civil libertarians, the contrast of Samar and Obama could not be more striking. Where Obama has denied to fight for principle and yielded to politics (in regions like torture, solitude, and detainee rights), Samar has refused to return principle — even at the risk of her life.

While Obama had been in office less than fourteen days before his nomination, Samar has spent a lifetime fighting for unmarried girls in Afghanistan. Geir Lundestad and his colleagues rejected Samar and others since they wanted to boost Obama.

In his memoir entitled”Secretary of Peace,” Lundestad admits”No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more focus than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama… Even a lot of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake.

This is Lundestad’s way of explaining a determination that publicly ignored the premise of the trophy, dismissed humanitarians with inspirational documents, and gave the top humanitarian award to somebody without single plausible claim to that prize.

Lundestad’s publication is lacking any signs of an ethical commitment to the background of the Nobel or its underlying principles.

Barak Obama must have turned down the award, permitting a worthy recipient to receive it. But naturally, arrogant Obama would do no such thing. His presidency is full of these kinds of occasions.

In 2013 Obama won the NME Hero of the Year Award, again beating out people who really did something heroic. He must be known for providing the terrorist nation of Iran more than a billion bucks or providing firearms to Mexican cartels.

The list continues on and on. Barak Obama should haven’t got the Nobel Peace Prize, the world became a much scarier place under his administration. In fact, the current Nobel committee should remove the award from Obama if they have any hope of maintaining the honour it conveys, which had been cheapened by this single, undeserved receiver.

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