First Fonda Goes After Barron, NOW Look What They’ve Done to Trump’s 4-Year-Old Granddaughter

They believe since they have demonized the opposition, as Saul Alinsky had given, that anything contrary to the GOP or even Trump is justifiable.

It is hard to imagine much worse then they are slinging now.

Fonda stated that”we ought to rip Barron Trump out of his mother’s arms” and”put him into a cage with pedophiles.”

Then someone apparently decided they desired to shirt Fonda for vileness.

Replying to some tweet by the Trump son addressing the horrific tweet from Fonda concerning Barron, Dussault composed,”Do not worry, we are coming to Chloe, too.”

Actor James Woods was among the men and women who grabbed the screenshot of this threat before it had been taken down, noting, “This is exactly the kind of violence that’s been motivated by #PeterFonda’s tweet.

The person earning this suggestive terrorist threat against the granddaughter of this President is a’TV author,’ which sadly makes sense in the current twisted world of Hollywood.”

Woods also allow the authorities know more about the threat.

That is despicable. And very frightening that these men and women that are prominent people have gone around the bend. These are currently leaning over into criminal dangers.

And these are inciting others who aren’t celebrities and actors and who might go even further, believing it’s somehow justified.

Where is the concern in the left who claim they care about illegal alien children being separated temporarily from their parents? Are they equally as concerned about threats to kidnap and rape kids?

Individuals on the left need to start denouncing these strategies or somebody they incite is going to act on their threats.

Featured Image Source H/T: AmericaDailyNews

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