Melania Pisses Off Democrats, Makes Surprise Visit To Border Exposing Shocking Truth

Each of the top Democrats are reeling after studying First Lady Melania Trump is down at the U.S.-Mexico border now, seeing illegal immigrant kids.

She made the visit a large surprise, making sure the lying mainstream media and their cohorts from the Democratic Party had no way to intervene and twist it. She simply exposed the shocking fact about the boundary that the Democrats never wanted Americans to know.

First Lady Melania Trump made a brilliant move, which makes a surprise visit to the Texas-Mexican boundary to watch for himself that the so-called”Trump Internment Camps.” In reality, these centers, holding the illegal alien kids, are not Auschwitz, which is how the Democrats and the leftist press was depicting them.

Fox News reports,”First lady Melania Trump on Thursday visited a kid detention centre in Texas that houses minors who entered the country illegally — in the wake of her husband’s executive order that stopped the practice of separating families.”

“We all know they are here without their families, and I want to thank you for the hard work, compassion, and kindness you’re giving them in such difficult times,” Mrs. Trump told a roundtable of employees at the Texas centre.

.@FLOTUS visits a child detention centre in Texas.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 21, 2018

Fox News added,”President Trump, meanwhile, said in a Cabinet meeting in Washington that his wife was at the border’since it actually bothered her to look at this and be visiting it, as it bothered me and it bothered everyone at this desk.'”

The president continued, but to highlight the importance of border security. “They wander through Mexico like it is Central Park. It’s foolish,” he explained. “Mexico is doing nothing except taking our cash and sending us medication.”

Just how do the first woman make a surprise trip! That is only Trump using Melania as propaganda! The mock outrage was on overdrive.

Raw Story tweeted about a CNN panel at which they were gasping about Melania’s visit, and a single viewer called Lauzeta responded by tweeting,”We saw that coming. The whole [Trump] family is complicit.”

The propoganda never ceases. The whole family is complicit.

— Lauzeta (@LauzetaVentador) June 21, 2018

Well, you would think the mainstream press and the Democrats will be overjoyed the first lady is paying attention to the bad illegal kids. Is not that what they desired? Of course not. This is only one more illustration of their blatant duplicity when it comes to Trump, and it shows that they never had been outraged about illegal immigrant kids at the border.

Today, Melania’s visit puts the spotlight squarely on the Democratic promises that kids are being held in cages and are left in horrid conditions.

FLOTUS shows by her existence and cameras after her about that these children have been cared for compassionately. Her trip also begs the question, didn’t we have household shelters for illegal alien families at one time? That is the specific question the Democrats and their cohorts do not want one to ask.

Brace yourself for the facts. Back in 2015, it was the Democrats and leftist organizations which mandated the closing of illegal alien family shelters. Yeah, let’s sink . They blame Trump, conjure up a manufactured crisis, and scream those prohibited families must be retained together. It is utterly nuts.

The government was expanding household detention during the last year in response to an influx of families who crossed the border , mostly mothers and children from Central America.”

So, the family shelters were shut down in 2015, thanks to this court case which was backed up by 120 Democrats, that are lobbied and paid by illegal alien advocacy organizations. However, why would associations which are supposedly looking for illegals lobby to possess illegal alien family shelters abolished? This is precisely why these kids are split now.

She destroyed the Democrats and all the useful idiots screaming about”Trump’s Internment Camps” by demonstrating what this so-called boundary crisis is actually about their end game, which can be open borders.

The advocacy groups for illegals are financed by globalist billionaires like George Soros, who cover the leftist activists to conjure up these crises, hoping to sway coverages that will just release illegals into the country, making America a borderless country.

Therefore, this is the fact: This is not about the bad illegal alien children. This isn’t about Trump. We’ve got globalist millionaires and billionaires who are hellbent on manufacturing a boundary catastrophe, and the Democrats and many Republicans in name only are all too pleased to take their money and in turn push for immigration policies which can in effect break down our Southern border.

Melania Trump’s trip helped expose the right questions that we had to reply. She showed these kids aren’t held . But, if we are to live as a country, we must be willing to fight. We have to inform all Americans that we’re being played with the leftists, and we must back up President Trump, who is holding the line in the border.

Featured Image Source H/T: MadWorldNews

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