Secret Service Agent Just Got Massive Revenge On Clintons, Podesta, & Soros – What We’ve Waited For!

Gary Byrne, an author and former Secret Service agent, is turning into a real nightmare for Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podesta and David Brock, Amongst Others.

He is suing them. Byrne simply filed a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) suit against all them and is set to get substantial revenge against this cabal of leftist elitists. Should be fun to watch. I believe we have all waited for something like this to happen.

A summary of the lawsuit states:

“For the last decade where relevant predicate functions were corruptly carried out from the named defendants as”revival” for Plaintiff Gary Byrne’s part in the Clinton impeachment and his standing as a “Clinton enemy” (for his temerity in telling the facts concerning obstruction of justice and gross abuse of power), together with their tainted surrogates and collaborators (referenced separately and together as the”Enterprise”), David Brock and William and Hillary Clinton have been synonymous with criminal behaviour, malicious baseless attacks (using mainly the illegal and barbarous defamatory approaches against perceived political enemies (such as Officer Gary Byrne, the Plaintiff here) of those willing to compensate participants such as Brock) — and coordinating by email and cable to violate myriad Federal and State legislation in the manipulation of Enterprise nonprofit entities they use for purely partisan purposes.”

“This Business has taken such attacks to an unparalleled and chilling new level — between prohibited domestic human and electronic surveillance, and tradecraft such as”baits” run at Byrne so as to block the Hillary Clinton email and Clinton Foundation Investigations by the agencies of their Obama government, all against private citizens to be able to assist Hillary Clinton become the 45th President of the United States, destroy Gary Byrne, also enrich themselves.

These Enterprise defendants, surrogates and participants have their chance to correctly respond in front of a courtroom they knowingly misled many times utilizing the most powerful counterintelligence tools out there. Let them do so today.”

“Ten decades back, defendant Brock’s malfeasance became more precisely organized in the Enterprise, and so fully weaponized, as he joined forces with former president William Jefferson Clinton (“William Clinton” or”President Clinton”), Hillary Rodham Clinton and funder George Soros (“Soros”), also at various stages of this illegal Enterprise, the other defendants named here.

They, along with the Business they formed to control the Democratic Party, took illegal advantage of a previously inviolate structural arrangement (involving three branches of the government) codified in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) by arranging for payment through smear merchants Fusion GPS to the Russian SVR and FSB and British (former) agent Christopher Steele (“Steele”).

To abolish their enemies, in other words, the Enterprise defendants were willing to withstand all legal and constitutional dictates — for example certain actors within the Obama Department of Justice ineffably misleading Article III coworkers resident in this very Court.”

I expect that sticks and nails all of them. I can dream, although I doubt it will. They sure have it coming many times over. Basically, what Byrne’s suit alleges is that the Clintons and their associates run an organized crime syndicate, which is exactly right and they have been from the beginning.

Someone finally had the guts to go after them in court. I certainly hope that Byrne gets a sympathetic judge and that he has a topnotch legal group on this. He will need all the help he can get. So, the deck might already be stacked against him.

That is an all-star list of corruptocrats. I wish Byrne good hunting on this. I am confident you will not be amazed to know that Clinton and the other defendants recorded in the lawsuit have declined to comment on the case.

This is a civil filing, so I would not rely on orange jumpsuits only yet. Although, as I said, they all deserve to be thrown into the deepest pit in the most vicious prison we could locate and never emerge . Only my private daydream. Byrne despises these individuals even more than that I do and with great reason. He voiced his dislike of all of them on Sean Hannity’s show a year ago.

Byrne talked about Hillary Clinton’s character, her”terrified team,” Bill Clinton carrying on affairs, drug use in the White House and more. Every bit of it has the ring of truth to it.

Byrne said,”She gets mad at things which are policy issues that, you know, take time to mend, and she’s got this mindset where she wants things fixed right now, immediately. She screams and yells at people” Hillary has consistently had a terrible temper and she raged in her Secret Service agents along with her staff, treating them no better than slaves.

That is how she sees herself.

Featured Image Source H/T: RWNOfficial

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