Theresa May Slams Trump For Separating Migrant Kids — Then Her Dirty Secret Comes Out

UK Prime Minister Theresa May recently condemned President Donald Trump before his visit to the UK, saying that he’s”incorrect” to different illegal immigrant families. But she might want to rethink her Trump bashing today that her horrible little secret was exposed.

May was talking to British lawmakers if she responded to photos portraying children in detention facilities, many of which were proven to be either hoaxes or photos from Barack Obama’s time .

“The images of children being held at what appear to be cages are deeply upsetting. This is wrong. This is not something that we concur with. This isn’t the United Kingdom’s strategy,” she stated during questioning.

May has been a powerful critic of Trump’s actions since his 2016 election. Despite her conflation of a policy enacted decades ago and practiced by former presidents, May and her left-leaning peers continue to feed the liberal propaganda machine.

But now that her own policy in managing migrant families was subjected, she may want to rethink her chastisement of this Trump administration.

May has been subjected for enforcing a policy which refused to let asylum seekers the ability to return with their spouses, spouses, and kids unless they paid exorbitant charges. In reality, at least 15,000 children have been”torn” in their parents’ arms without any foreseeable reunification with their families, according to The Guardian.

The Children’s Commissioner has discovered that at least 15,000 children growing up in the united kingdom live with no parent since the right of British citizens to reunite with a foreign spouse is restricted through an irrational income threshold, an incredibly complicated program system fraught with Home Office mistakes, without a legal help for families to challenge erroneous conclusions.

The Daily Caller reports that the Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants’ (JWCI) Divided Families Campaign has come forward to condemn May for making”family reunification entitlements a privilege for the wealthy.”

The JWCI also pointed out that May had been in charge of enforcing legislation which not just tore migrant households apart but detained them forever, perhaps not unlike the American legislation she’s fervently criticized.

A number of the kids we work with have lost weight, suffer from nightmares and sleeplessness,” on a crowdfunding webpage in 2016.

“No kid should have to live through the trauma of being separated from their parent by the government,” the group said.

“Parents are removed without warning from the heart of the family,” it added.

Of course, May was not necessarily the virtue signaler and advocate for multiculturalism she’s today. In 2012, she stated that her goal as home secretary was”to make, here in Britain, a really hostile environment for illegal immigrants.” In reality, she admitted that she valued the deportation of illegals over the”right to life”

While we absolutely concur with May’s previous actions in upholding the law and discouraging illegal immigration, it’s her flagrant hypocrisy that warrants exactly the same condemnation she has for the Trump government’s justice.

However, May refuses to let go of her newfound political correctness, and it is starting to catch up . In her dedication to flooding the UK with migrants, most of whom are out of Muslim nations, May found herself in the middle of an assassination attempt.

In December 2017, 20-year-old Bangladeshi migrant Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman was arrested only days prior to carrying out a murder plot against the PM. Rahman intended to publicly behead May as she arrived on Downing Street before detonating a bomb to extract bystanders.

The defendant supposedly asked in September.

“that I want to do a suicide bomb on Parliament. I want to attempt to kill Theresa May…my purpose is to take out my goal.

Theresa May is not oblivious of the threat illegal migration poses to a Western state. She has seen firsthand the devastation that legislating policy based on emotion could cause, yet she continues to help this devastating agenda to gain popularity with all the far-left. Luckily, President Donald Trump doesn’t care about satisfying the foes of the US and obtaining the acceptance of this enemedia.

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