BREAKING: Melania Puts Her Heart Out There, Defies Critics with Surprise Visit to Kids at Border Center

First lady Melania Trump has made it very clear since she entered the White House that her priority was going to be children. She’s visited schools, hospitals and group homes for kids seeking to bring cheer to kids.

She’s also begun ‘Be Best’ a program to encourage kids to be the best they could be.

On Thursday, she showed that deep caring character again, making a surprise visit to a child detention center in McAllen, Texas after a great deal of controversy within the boundary separation coverage and after her husband signed an executive order ending separation of households who enter illegally.

By Fox News:

The first lady said earlier through her spokeswoman she “hates” to observe families separated at the boundary.

Thanks a lot for having me here today… I’m here to learn on your centre.”

The First Lady allegedly influenced Trump to behave about the executive order to keep families together.

And she made it very clear that she wished to thank the people who’ve been performing a lot for children but who have come under assault from false reporting. “We all know they’re here without their families and I want to thank you for your hard work compassion and kindness you are giving them in such tough times,” explained Mrs. Trump into the center workers.

Thank you so much. I am excited about meeting children and touring the facilities.”

Children are usually kept at the centers on average of about 42-45 days before they’re reunited with family members or guardians.

The specific center she visited only has about 55 kids, between the ages of 12-17.

Her office said in a statement Thursday: “Her objectives are to thank law enforcement and social services suppliers for their hard work, lend aid and learn more about the way in which the government can build upon the existing efforts to reunite children with their families.”

Even after Trump signed the executive order which is what they claimed they wanted, Democrats were not happy. Some currently argued that Trump’s executive order to hold families together was violating the law that they claimed did not exist just the day before, the one that forced Trump to have to separate households.

Now they are claiming that this could lead to indefinite detentions of their families together and that families should not be arrested at all. He can not win with them.

However, Melania isn’t letting them prevent her from showing her concern not just for the kids, but for its workers and law enforcement who have been much maligned by those on the left and the media.

Featured Image Source H/T: AmericanDailyNews

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